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"You lookin' at me smilin' like I owe you money or you're sweet on me. Whichever it is, you just might end up getting fucked."
Domain Gangrel Ordo Dracul

Dog is short, but powerfully built. Often unbathed, and never shaven. He smokes frequently, and curses even more so. He has a stare that is both intense and challenging, as if he's sizing someone up.

  • Some members of the Ordo Dracul know he's a member, but this is not general knowledge. If it has not been discovered in character, consider it unknown.
  • Only Sworn of the Ordo Dracul of at least the third rank or higher are aware that Dog is the Rampant Dragon.

Agent Provocateur

Dog originally arrived in Sacramento as a spy for the Gardeners. Quickly installing himself in Sacramento society, he counted the Sheriff Ishani Naetesh and Hound Elle Moiraine as friends, as well as the Rampant Dragon of the Ordo Dracul, Veritas. During the climax of the Gardener's defeat, it was revealed that he was a spy, but was pardoned by Prince Freddrick for his assistance in ousting them and fact that he was a mercenary rather than true Brood.

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