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Consilium Moros Mysterium

Member of Nidhogg's Bane


The man known as Campanella is something of a mystery. He's a businessman and collector of art from back East.

  • He does not like to discuss his background or his past.
  • He enjoys the finer things in life: fine art, fine clothes, fine dining, and refined company.
  • He does acknowledge that he is a member of the Mysterium among Awakened circles. To them, he will open up a little more and admit a connection to the DC Consilium, where he was mentored and trained in the Art.

Initiate of Death Apprentice of Matter Apprentice of Prime Initiate of Mind

Resources ●●●●
New Identity ●●●● (Current identity)

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Allies InCity Hall  +, Criminals  +, Culture  +, and Finance  +
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ApprenticeMatter  +, and Prime  +
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InitiateDeath  +, and Mind  +
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Mind ArcanaInitiate  +
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PathMoros  +
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