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Aimee Noel
Found the entrance again.
Domain Daeva Invictus
(Intimidating Smile)

Aimée looks like a self-confident woman in her early 30s, is about 5 foot 9 tall and weights about 136 lbs, which makes her look rather thin (even though this only adds to her attractiveness). Her body is well proportioned and regularly arouses men while making the women jealous. She wears her blonde hair a little longer than shoulder-length and pedantically pays attention to the fact that her hair-do matches the hottest fashion of the time.

Her face mirrors the beast within in a way, for her features are seldom friendly and warm and most of the time like those of a predator (although she can look seductive, only more dangerously so). She radiates an aura of superiority especially when she's dealing with something she's comfortable with, such as art or social dealings. Her clothes are always modern, sometimes eccentric and never passé de mode; at times one can also see her holding a cigarette (although the attentive watcher might notice that she seldom has a drag), but only to make her look more chic.

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