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In-Character Titles
Consilium Obrimos Free Council

The Mage formerly known as "Spade"



Calvin Lambert Was born and raised in Detroit as the son of a Union man. Surrounded by a city falling apart, Calvin came to understand at young age that mankind was fucked. Mad at life he burned every bridge proffered in his life, just like his old man. Mr. Lambert could never be satisfied with his son, Calvin was never strong enough or smart enough to rise to any of Lambert's standards. Calvin took his passion to pen and grew to become an artist. But no Artist could win bread for the table and Calvin's father became determined to teach his son such was true. At seventeen, Calvin had taken all he could. He shouldered a rack sack of essential the day after his high school graduation, stole the family mercury. and drove away from the Rust Belt for the Golden State

For the first time Calvin felt free, both from a certain doom in a doomed city, and from his father's lofty aspirations. Feeling atop the world, Calvin had far to fall, and that he did. Late at night he was run off the road by a eighteen wheeler and sent into dense woodlands of the Rockies. Lost, and injured, Calvin stumbled from the crash, only to lose his footing on a hillside, tumbling into a fast moving river below.


In the turmoil of the current, Spade found true freedom. He released his Soul to fly on to the Aether and there he Awakened to the truth. When he returned, he did so a thirty foot drop off a waterfall. It may be a cold way to come back into t e world. But Fate was at work, Bringing an old Enchanter across Calvin's unconscious form.

The Enchanter lived as a hermit in the woods, his life goal to find peace in nature and maybe pass into Arcadia. HE taught Calvin all he could before declaring him able and sending the new Obrimos off on his own with a shadow Name, Spade.

Los Angelos

Spade finally made to California. Determined to live his new Awakened life to the fullest, Spade hurried for the city of Fame, Angels, and the Free Council. Though he was not in L.A. for long. It was here Spade was inducted as a Libertine and taught the basics of Consilium educate and Mage Practice. The Enchanter was a wise man. but Spade had to learn more before he could be declared 'learned'. He also took up Tattoo work as outlet for his creativity and way to get back at his father;s condemnation.

As time passed Spade found a calling in Sacramento and said goodbye to L.A.


Spade hoped to find a life working as a volunteer and helping guard the Capital. For a year he furthered his apprentice ship in Tattoo parlor, perfect what he had begun in L.A.

The Obelisks were destroyed and the City became known as safe. only more trouble lay in the horizon.

Now the Free Council lays in state of disarray and Spade was caught holding the banner. For the first time Spade was leader and he never became sure of what he should do. He became racked by frightful dreams and called the only man he knew he could trust. Henry Prym. Here Spade handed over a collection of his dreams in a hope Henry, a member of the Guardians, could makes use of the information. The Conlisium convened and Spade stood among many to cry out about recent dreams and omens. Tension rose and Heirarch Andrade called out to question her leadership.

Spade stood filled with pride and called Andrade to a Duel Arcane. And lost soundly.

By the end of the Meeting the Council Seats were shifted back to Path Representation, Spade became the Obrimos Councilor.

It was not long before more tragedy struck. An Arrow was captured and the Consilium was set on lock down. The Free Council gathered with the Mysterium and Ladder at the Goldman Museum. There the Wards were breached. Not content to let the attack go and serve elsewhere in more safety. Spade lead Eclipse and Tvle

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