Free Council 1110

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Free Council 1110
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Hostel Hi
Location Hostel Hi
October Davenport
Date Began 2011/10/13
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The Libertines of the Free Council meet up to discuss the issues facing the awakened society in Sacramento as well as to set up a Free Council assembly.[1]

The Meeting

Pulp Noir got to the hostel early for the meeting and met Rosh the Obrimos councillor and most senior libertine in the city. October Davenport and Alexander Clay also arrived shortly after followed by Amanda.

After general introductions the libertines quickly start discussing business:

  • Rosh wants to make the Hostel secure mentioning that the guardians and arrows had already lost their safe houses. He also makes it known that the free council is needed and that it needs to play a role in helping the city of Sacramento to the future.
  • Pulp Noir makes it known that he wishes to start an Assembly in Sacramento, something that the city really needs so that it can stand as a bulwark against the lie.

All the Libertines agree with what needs to be done and are all eager to help in whatever way they can, Alexander Clay offered to fortify the Hostel physically, Pulp Noir wants to set up a durable ward on the Hostel and October Davenport offered to help make the spell go a bit easier. Amanda during the emotion of it all gave out her true and also wanted to express interest in getting the aid of the guardian *spirit* of the hotel and help awaken the dormant hallow that lied at the base of the hostel.

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