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October Davenport
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Consilium Acanthus Apostate
Status ●● (Medical)

October, or Toby, Davenport, appears to be in her early twenties, but is actually 29. She is stands 5'8 without heels, is slender, appearing to weight maybe 112 pounds, with light brown hair that has blonde highlights in it. Her hair is usually worn down, with a wind blown appearance it sits a little below her shoulders. Having modeled in the past to help pay for her schooling, she knows how to walk and carry herself. If paying attention, you will notice her eyes glimmer.

She received an early acceptance into The Stanford University School of Medicine, chasing her dream to become a doctor. She completed her eight years of school followed by a three year residency. She became Awakened while on vacation after her residency while in Columbia. Changing her name and moving to Sacramento, she got hired on at UC Davis Medical Center as an ER Doctor.

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