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In-Character Titles
Consilium Thyrsus Apostate
(Wild Hair)
Fame ● (Medical)
(Family Name)
Presence ●●


Real name is Wanda Gale, although on Awakening, she would pick out the name Idun from a baby naming website; Idun, at least according to the website, means Rejuvenation in Scandinavian. She thought Idun was an appropriate name due to her family's history of entering into the medical field since before first World War, although in recent years, some members, who are typically considers the Black Sheep of the family, have entered into the wide world of science. Not that Idun followed those particular members of the family and became a scientist, no, she had high hopes of following in her father's foot steps and becoming a surgeon. On another note, her mother is a doctor in the field of physical therapy.

Although she plans to follow family tradition and become a doctor, Idun's wanted to attend university along the West Coast instead of in the usual area of Central or East Coast schools that pretty much ever family member enrolls at. Her parents allowed her to do so as they believe she would come home after her education was completed and work for family. Which is how Idun was in San Francisco when she experienced her Awakening during the month of June, a month after her Twenty-fourth Birthday, which is on May Sixth. Although shaken, it didn't take Idun long before she resumed attending university to continue to become a doctor.

Once she graduated university, Idun didn't head out of California as her family had predicted and hoped for. In stead, she headed to a small town and set up a private practice. Although, a year later, she would close down her office and move to Sacramento on behalf of one of her teachers asking her to do so.

Since Awakening, she's taken time to work out more and due to her hair and minor noteworthy, she's had plenty of time to work on her stealth.

As she keeps in contact with her family, Idun did her best to create a fake identity of Doctor Grace Idun Auro to divert attention away her true identity as Wanda Gale. Mostly there is an E-Mail address and a Facebook page for Ms Auro, but given time and money, she'll pay a professional to get the right documents needed to solidify Grace Idun Auro place in society.

With the departure of two of their number, the Cabal known as MedStars finds itself lacking the numbers needed to continue as a recognized Cabal. Matters were not helped with the kidnapping of Miach by Banishers. Their relationship becomes strained due to Idun not being part of the group that rescues him from their grasp. It takes time but the two slowly mend their friendship and turn their focus on reviving their Cabal.

Idun was in attendance and witnessed the Duel between Avalon and Aquinas. With the victory of Aquinas, the old, traditional way Councilors were pick from Paths gets reinstated and changes occur as a new Magus takes the reigns of power within the Awaken Community of Sacramento.

Idun steps up to take the mantle of Councilor for her Path during the next official Consilium.

She first approached Animus concerning if he would step forward to take the post but he refused. As she was about to seek out Striker, he found her and when the call for Councilors for the Paths to come forward, she decides that Striker did not need the weight of such a title upon him at this moment nor had she had a chance to speak with the other Thyrsus within the city, Sylvan and Mae, before stepping up to accept the title.

Shocking news is announce, the first is that the Charter is canceled and that there will be exams to be held. The next concerns a corrupted Ley Line in addition to the fact that the murdered former Councilors had their Souls ripped out of their bodies and placed within Soul Jars.


Idun stands just a few inches shy of six feet and her most striking feature is her hair, which she enjoys styling and dying odd, yet shocking colors. Her eye color is gray blue and her normal hair color is a honey brown.

The Nimbus

The sound of wing beats and inch long feathers exploring to the sides as they are flashing different colors at a quick pace until they vanish after getting half a foot away from Idun.


May or may not be false.

Idun has applyed for a medical marjiana dispensary for the Medstar Clinic.


Disciple of Life

Apprentice of Spirit

Apprentice of Mind

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