Tur 1108

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Tur 1108
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Location Tur
Jeremiah Daniels
Something's wrong!
Tim Wakefield
Date Began 2011/08/10
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Werewolf Recruitment, Take VII

The involved Uratha casually gathers at the Tur - the know place of choice for pack recruitment:

  • Tim Wakefield arrives at Tur.
  • Ryan Deshane, Ascendant Crescent Brotherhood Beta, arrives at Tur and after giving the Prophecy Motorcycles address to Tim Wakefield leaves.
  • Matt Kelly, of the Heart of Darkness, arrives at Tur and after giving his contact info to Tim Wakefield leaves.
  • Nathanial Black arrives at Tur.
  • Starflower Wilkins, of the Ascendant Crescent Brotherhood, arrives at Tur and invites Nathanial Black to meet the Ascendant Crescent Brotherhood at the next day, for a chat.
  • Nathanial Black grabs some sleep at a bench after Starflower Wilkins leaves the Tur.
  • Julio Benavidez arrives at Tur.
  • Matt Kelly, of the Heart of Darkness, returns to the Tur.
  • Carl Wilkins arrives at Tur.
  • Matthew Greene, Shadow Seekers Alpha, arrives at Tur.
  • After showing his strong rogue personality Carl Wilkins got rebuked by Matthew Greene. After that the Ghost Wolf shows that beyond his bad manners, a higher purpose can be found.
"Keep an attitude like that, and you'll find the packs differ very little in their willingness to accept your sorry hide. Now, perhaps you'd like to start over. The right way."[1] - Matthew Greene.
"... Now, yer all probably wonderin' why you should give two shits 'bout whether or not you take me in. Hell, let me fend 'fer myself an' learn my lesson. Yeah, It ain't hard ta' read what yer thinking right now... Tha' reason's pretty simple. You need someone like me."[2] - Carl Wilkins.
"... you think. You probe. I like that. I think we have a place for you, if you can keep a bit of decorum."[3] - Matthew Greene
  • Matt Kelly, after giving some advises to Carl Wilkins, accompanies Julio Benavidez out of the Tur hoping to recruit him after a meal.
  • Alfred Mcallister arrives at Tur.
  • Lincoln Osiris arrives at Tur.
  • Jeremiah Daniels, The Sworn Alpha, arrives at Tur.
  • After some chat Matthew Greene leaves the Tur accompanied by Carl Wilkins and Alfred Mcallister.
  • Raul Castillo arrives at Tur.
  • Timothy arrives at Tur.
  • Jeremiah Daniels had some chat with Lincoln Osiris in which The Sworn Alpha seemed interested in recruiting the new Rahu Blood Talon.
  • Afer welcoming Raul Castillo and Timothy, that had just arrived, and some more chat, Jeremiah Daniels invites everybody to eat something at a bar he knows.

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