Cahalith Howls 1303

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Cahalith Howls 1303
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Cahalith Howls 25 March 2013

Once a month, a powerful, intense howl echoes across the Hisil from the Tur, as Stefan Anderson stands before the grave of Flame of Man.

Even the loudest of spirits seem to fall silent as the noise echoes across the distance. It holds power and passion, and a thousand stories.

The Sworn's Losses and Gains

Thanks to Kevin's departure, the Sworn are left in disarray. Nieves and Jeremiah spend some time talking privately outside of the pack den, but Jeremiah's attempts to soothe Nieves' discomforts don't seem to go down well - especially when some of his answers show a tendency towards 'ask the new guys'.

Filidh is rounded up by the Baines brothers, and brought to meet the pack. Initial impressions don't go over horribly, though tension seems to spark between Nieves and the fiery Scottish Cahalith. Despite this, there seems to be some confusion amongst the older pack members of exactly what to do with this newcomer, and some seem to be under the impression she doesn't intend to join the pack, despite her words the contrary.

The Sworn Pop Out For A Cigarette

Tracking down the sort of Spirit the Sworn desire as their Totem might well be harder than thought. After some thought, Steel Gaze manages to suggest a local preschool group that might have the appropriate resonance to at least push them on their way, and they move their way through the city. Outside, they hear a disturbing song, and as they slip closer, it gets tenser.

Until somehow, it gets identified as a First Tongue version of Allouette, and they give up and knock on the window. A small voice tells them that the Nurse might let them in to talk, but they'll have to wait until she gets back...

The Crusaders Keep An Eye Out

Thanks to a seriously lucky break, Nick manages to find some cheap stove gear for the pack, and they head out to pick it up. When they arrive, they find a very hassled owner ranting about his idiot relative who managed to run the place into the ground, and get it infested with rats. Thinking to check the cost is clear, Chaplain lets his vision slip between worlds, only for the owner to notice the veil of the Hisil in one of his eyes. Fortunately, a quick thinking lie passes it off as any eye condition, and they escape with their new kitchen appliances without needing to harm anyone.

Blitzkrieg, a new Storm Lord, is introduced to the pack, and seems to make a pretty damn good impression on them, leaving them as the largest pack in the city by numbers, even if many members remain Omegas. Still, the leadership drives them onwards, and the call of Glory speaks to many.

Digger also works on his idea of a sexy new calendar to raise funds. If it sells well, maybe the next pitch will be an all-Wolf version?

The Crusaders Face Wolfthulu

With the Magath making too much noise for anyone's good, Dale rapidly discorporates it, leading to a brief angry stare-down between him and Chaplain. Unfortunately, they don't get long to work out their issues, as a slithering, unpleasant noise draws their attention. The pack comes face to face with a polite, banker-looking Spirit, which challenges them - only to find that it is Usurer's Greed, a Greater Jaggling, and a grave threat that might even be able to face them all at once.

The pack is flung into disarray by the power of the Greed Spirit. Dale and Skaald frantically try to dig up golden paving slabs, Digger begins to hold up his packmates for their bike keys, Nick attempts to sneak off to break into the Casino alone, to rob it, and Rawlins runs off to steal all the secrets he can. Meanwhile, Anthony tries to attack and is blasted by gold coins. The battle is not going well... but then Chaplain throws off the Spirit's Harrow and becomes seemingly immune to its powers, and the tide just might turn.

The Seekers' Beta Test

Brett and Sally discuss their options, and climb out of the crater. Sally performs the binding and summoning Rituals for the Deceitful Guide, cleverly providing it an offering by poisoning her lunch and telling Brett to eat it to produce betrayal essence. Fortunately, Brett resists the Rage, and the blue spirit is summoned. They begin questioning it, while the Spirit blatantly and obviously lies at every turn.

Frank James is offered a place in the pack, and taken to meet Golden Bear the Undying. The great totem contemplates the pup, and explains its wisdom to the young Uratha, giving him a chance to demonstrate his endurance and wisdom. Meanwhile, Sally draws Firebringer and Shieldbearer aside, and says that watching the Sworn's failure has rattled her sense of leadership. She tells Firebringer that Stefan should be the Alpha in her stead. Both wolves are understandably somewhat surprised, but agree to the Wisdom of it. After all, better to not take the mantle of leadership when doubt lingers.

Sally somehow beats her odds, and succeeds in persuading Alejandra to buy a nice pair of boots as well. Hell has possibly frozen over. Reports of the devil ice-skating are as yet unconfirmed.

Neutral Ground VII

The night opens with the moon basking down, as Spring weaves its way through the Hisil. The Uratha of Sacramento slowly gather together, small conversations breaking out, when a large talking point arrives in the shape of George Quinn, a newcomer. He is quickly joined by Melissa Halliwell, and the two are offered the chance to hear about the packs of Sacramento, all of whom are in attendance. Melissa also declares her intentions to join the Iminir, if possible. A third newcomer, Rustclaws, arrives shortly afterwards, just in time to hear the introductions.

It is a busy night. With Luna's luck, it will be fruitful.

The Explosions of John Holt

As Chaplain and Faithkeeper beat back the tide of rats, the smell of burning increases, and slowly the creatures stop emerging from the hole. The two Uratha try and convince the little light Spirit to look through the hole for them, but its fear of the Beshilu prevents it from daring to enter the nest. Giving up, the Uratha break through the wall, only to discover that the fire must have ignited something rotten within the den. There are clear signs of an explosion.

The Beshilu are dead.

With Victory achieved, Chaplain and Faithkeeper return to the Patient Hewer of Rock, to recieve their well earnt reward.

The Tales of the Blood Talons

As the Stallion stands and fights, it almost seems that Fenris-Ur is not with his children tonight. It ducks and weaves around their attacks, evading flashing teeth that have brought down much greater foes. But it seems that Fenris is simply teaching them a lesson in the values of not surrendering, as the Suthar Anzuth Irraka find a gap, and the Tribe finally bring down their foe.

As their howl rings out into the night, there can be nothing but certainty that the Destroyer Wolf is pleased.

The Dead and the Wild

With Deathwright's instructions ringing in their ears, the two groups head off to their respective Graveyards. Frank James makes a pitstop to try and weasel some information out of the Detective running the case, but she clearly picks up that he's not being entirely honest and stonewalls him. The group under Rawlins finds an imposing, rigid sanctuary, with a deep moat, and barred gates. Rawlins tries to negotiate passage with the Spirit gatekeeper, but finds the way barred shut. They split up, investigating the surrounding areas.

Brett and Anthony find some spirit scratch, which Anthony manages to interpret as a condition for free entry into the Graveyard. Surprisingly, once Brett realises that they need to be bearing a dead object, or death essence, the group seems to give up, discussing withdrawing rather than summoning a Death Spirit, which they are certainly capable of.

River Walker's group discover a bright, lush hedgewall. A serious check reveals it's rife with creatures crouching in it that very much resemble the Green Men of UK lore. Fiona and Nick recognise this, though the Baines Brothers miss it from their oddly skewed cultural context. River Walker, however, manages to employ his silver tongue to good use, and persuades the Green Men to let them pass for a gift of essence to the grove. As they enter, Marcus peers across the Gauntlet to get a good view of the other side, while Nick and Fiona check the area for further threats, and Victor tracks down the locus.

The Moot of Kevin Swift

After an incident in an investigation goes badly wrong for Kevin Swift and manages to make the news, Digger of the Crusaders calls the Uratha to the Tur to demand an answer for who is responsible. Confusion reigns briefly, with many of the wolves stunned that the Oath of the Moon had been violated in such an egregious fashion. Digger demands that Shieldbearer step forwards as the most Honourable of all the City's Urdaga, and stand in judgement over the perpetrator. Shieldbearer asks the one responsible to step forwards.

Kevin steps forwards, and confesses to the crime. The packs react - some with visible wrath, some with confusion, the Sworn varying wildly from a feeling that's not too far from betrayal to denial. Shieldbearer asks for an explanation. Kevin cannot provide one beyond that it was a mistake.

Shieldbearer exiles him from the pack lands, and commands that the Sworn undertake the Rite of Contrition - all of them. He also speaks directly to Jeremiah, who remained silent through the trial. Jeremiah's response causes Digger to explode with rage, and he berates the Alpha of the Sworn for not living up to his responsibilities. The Crusaders depart. Faithkeeper offers to perform the Rite of Contrition for the pack, in case none of them know it - Jeremiah admits that he does, and the Shadow Seekers depart also. Stefan escorts Kevin from the Tur alone, and into the south.

The Sworn remain behind, with the silent Deathwright watching them, and frayed tempers and power structures sway under the revelation of their packmate's failure.

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

A cry for help goes out from the Tur, summoning Uratha from all three packs of the city. Finding a badly wounded pup, covered in mud and exhausted, they get a garbled message about him being chased. While some of the group briefly fumble over the right of healing, and Skaald attempts to offer medical assistance, Firebringer sneaks out into the woods to find a group of four humans, wearing heavy body armour and bright green goggles. They manage to pick out Firebringer, who sounds the alarm into Foestalker's mind and retreats rapidly, sneaking around the back of the group instead.

Foestalker rapidly brings the rest of the Uratha, except Jeremiah of the Sworn, pouring down the hillside towards the group. Firebringer lunges out and misses his mark, but Skull-splitter manages to get his jaws through the first Hunter's armour. That's when their worst fears are confirmed. These herd know. And they're carrying silver bullets.

Splitter is badly wounded but valiantly resists Kuruth, while Foestalker brings down his attacker. Digger and Firebringer manage to cause serious injuries to another, who turns his gun and badly wounds the eldest of all Sacramento's Uratha. Nieves attacks another Hunter, who returns the favour with such a grievous wound that it's amazing she remains standing, and the final Hunter sends a bullet into Digger's flank before he is grappled by Skaald. The fight is close. Any member of the Uratha could be killed outright, if the next volley is allowed to get through. Only Luna knows what will happen next.

Around the town

At the Gym, several Uratha run into each other and engage in various work outs together, with Digger and Chaplain taking a turn at grappling, while Nick teaches Rawlins a thing or two about boxing. Shieldbearer and Brett go a quick round, until Shieldbearer lands a hit on Brett so hard that he nearly floors him, and both have to fight off the Rage. Concerned for the Oath of the Moon, Stefan calls a break to at least give the impression that Brett needs the same recovery time as a normal mortal.

Melissa Halliwell wanders the streets, almost but not quite moving into Sworn territory. She finds a few Uratha - Nick and Dale from the Crusaders, out running errands, Crosshair of the Sworn catching wind of them from his border patrol, and Foestalker of the Seekers. Tensions don't flare immediately, thanks to Melissa's polite and careful explanations, although she briefly does manage to imply that Victor might be sleeping with his brother. Thankfully, he's not the sort to take offence.

The howl peters out, lingering on the spirit-winds for some time afterwards. The Hisil hears. And it remembers.

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