Cahalith Howls 1301

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Cahalith Howls 1301
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Cahalith Howls 25 January 2013

Once a month, a powerful, intense howl echoes across the Hisil from the Tur, as Stefan Anderson stands before the grave of Flame of Man.

Even the loudest of spirits seem to fall silent as the noise echoes across the distance. It holds power and passion, and a thousand stories.

The Sworn Ring In The New Year

With things mostly remaining quiet on the Western front for the Sworn, they ring in the New Year in a quiet and private way in their den, setting new resolutions for the time ahead. With the past year having put strain on them all, they face it with surprising hope, with Nieves particularly being a beacon for the pack as they move forwards, trying to claim their own identity and mission from the ruins of the long defunct, previous pack.

The Sworn Sacrifice a Bull

As Marcus proves his Luna-given gifts are truly effective, he manages to calm Bullclaw into submitting and talking. The Sworn and the Baines brothers manage to get information from the Magath - that it was created when a Cougar attacked and killed members of its herd, that it was seeking them out - and realised quickly that rather than being an overtly malicious Spirit, Bullclaw is a tormented and unfortunate creature that really does not understand what is going on. With great regret, and Jeremiah's permission, River Walker convinces the Spirit that the only way to go on is to allow itself to be destroyed.

The Sworn watch as Bullclaw burns out the last of its essence and then submits to summary execution by Crosshair, who puts a bullet through its head. The spirit is destroyed, leaving the Sworn and the Baines brothers alone in the Hisil. With renewed focus, Jeremiah declares that they will find a totem now, and for the first time, become a real pack.

The Crusaders Get Down To the Basics

The Crusaders ring in Christmas in the most traditional style, by getting roaring drunk and eating far too much. Digger presents the pack with stylised knives, signifying their membership, and then rounds out the evening by ordering strippers before they get too drunk to really appreciate it. With the partying going late into the night, the pack prove quite simply, that in a fox hole, hedonism is probably the best escape.

The new prospects, Rawlins and Nick Monroe, successfully track down a bear. Although Anthony is badly bitten, the new wolves kill the bear, complete their bear hunt, and after the older members of the pack have a serious discussion about their future, become temporary members for six months. If they earn their place, and continue to strive, they are promised a place within a new family, and a war to set themselves to.

Digger's sales of new bikes seem to be going extraordinarily well, proving that being a motorcycle gang has some distinctive benefits.

The Crusaders Commit Arson

With the building secured behind them, the Crusaders decide the only route forwards is to destroy it. Skaald calls forth an Spirit of Arson, binding it within a circle. It is initially hostile towards the Crusaders, insulting them as they attempt to force it to obey. With neither side willing to back down, Splitter and Skaald negotiate with the Spirit, discovering in the process that the Mall they wish to destroy is owned by a Wound Lord, Mammon, the Feeder of Greed. After discussion, they promise the Spirit that they will have Dale's allies commit great acts of Arson in exchange for it burning down the building.

It agrees. The Mall burns, with the Swarm Black Friday trapped inside, and the Crusaders are victorious.

The Seekers' Branding

With the lake behind them, the Shadow Seekers return to Sacramento to receive Luna's acknowledgement. Faithkeeper ritually brands her packbrothers and sister with Purity, Honour and Glory, calling down great Lunes from the Choirs. Firebringer is challenged to speak, Shieldbearer's fidelity is questioned, and Foestalker is demanded to sing, but all recieve their renown.

Matthew approaches Sally, discussing the problems that he has been enduring recently, explaining to her that he intends to step aside as Alpha of the pack, and that he wishes her to take his place. Sally is reluctant, citing that she doesn't believe herself to be the right person for the job, and asking for time, which Matthew grants her.

Brett Powers and Sally Romanov head into the Hisil, where Exquisite Agony Drenched in Blood tells them that something strange is going on in the area uprooted by Remembers-Bloody-Vengeance when it departed for its native home. Heading down there, Sally uses her gifts to create handholds in the earth, letting the two Uratha climb down into the crater. Down there, in the mist, they find a mysterious blue light leading them forwards...

When Frank James goes in for the kill, Shieldbearer stops him, questioning the Ridden instead. Discovering they have been displaced from their home by the symbol of the Clenched Fist, he allows them to leave, but only if they abandon the bodies they're inhabiting. With no choice, the Spirits leave, leaving the homeless men in an unfortunate state. Frank offers to take care of things with the police, which Stefan allows, telling him to call when he's done. Unfortunately, Frank doesn't manage to pull the wool over the eyes of one of the paramedics, who becomes suspicious, and may become a problem in the future...>

Neutral Ground VI

Two new wolves, Blitzkrieg and Filidh arrive in Sacramento. Filidh explains that she intends to study at the university, and seeks out the pack that claims that ground as its own. As it is the Sworn, Shieldbearer points her to Kevin, who seems almost surprised that the new wolf would want to join. Despite this, he hands over his Alpha's telephone number. Meanwhile, Biltzkrieg discusses war with Splitter and Shieldbearer, giving reasonings from his past, and explaining that he is here to join in with the war. Both seem interested in him, so it remains to be seen where he may fit in best.

The Ratting Out of John Holt

As Faithkeeper and Chaplain descend into the darkness, Faithkeeper calls a spirit of light in order to give them some direction. They come to a natural barrier, a wall of mud and filth, that Faithkeeper uses her gifts to allow them to breach. A vile smell issues forth, causing Chaplain to throw up. Squinting through reveals the taint that the Patient Hewer of Rock told them of - Beshilu!

The Tales of the Blood Talons

The Blood Talons gather together. Though there is tension, particularly between Digger adn Deathwright, each of them tales a tale of the Glory they have experienced. Digger tells of his ride through the lands of the Pure. Chaplain tells of the Glory of Mountain. Skaald and Crosshair both speak of their own initiations, while Splitter tells of how he was tortured by the Pure. Foestalker speaks of the fall of her last pack, and Deathwright tells of the creation of her Klaive, and the death of her sister. All of them are regarded with the solemnity that such deeds should be.

Then a hunt is called, and the Talons head out, ready to cement the bonds of Tribe, and their devotion to Fenris-Ur.

The howl peters out, lingering on the spirit-winds for some time afterwards. The Hisil hears. And it remembers.

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