Cahalith Howls 1206

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Cahalith Howls 1206
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Cahalith Howls 25 June 2012

Once a month, a powerful, intense howl echoes across the Hisil from the Tur. Even the loudest of spirits seem to fall silent as the noise echoes across the distance. It holds power and passion, and a thousand stories.

This is the howl that rang out in June, 2012.

Snake Eyes

The Casino, headed by the unusual Bruce Neith, seems to be roaring ahead, with several Uratha enjoying the low stakes tables on offer. Some have even won a few handfuls of Dollars. But a man screaming about cheaters was dragged into the basement, and John Holt seems to smell decay... perhaps something sinister is at work beneath the shining lights and nicely priced booze? Either way, something is certainly happening, judging by the snatches of conversation that have been heard...

The Sworn's Recruitment Continues

The Sworn's poker game continues on, bluff after bluff and hand after hand. The pack bonds slowly, but only time will tell if these bonds will hold.

The Sworn's Hunt Aftermath

Nieves' Rage took complete control of her, and lead to her wound Kevin grievously. Despite his many attempts to escape, only his own Rage enabled him to survive, and even then, only barely. Stricken with terrible wounds, Kevin was forced to drag himself back to the Sworn's locus alone. Jeremiah tends now to his wounds, while Nieves deals with the aftermath of what she has done.. and what she might have done, if she had only been given the chance.

She can pray for Luna to forgive her, but it may take some time before the wounds heal. And even then, wounds this deep leave a scar. The only question is whether it will touch Kevin's heart, as well as his flesh.

The Crusaders Find A Bar

The Crusaders continue to show themselves as the most warlike of the packs, settling down in battle planning and drinking alike. Their glory seems more than assured, but even so, their caution boots them well. Only a foolish warrior enters the battlefield unprepared.

The Crusaders Claim Their Locus

Clever negotiation by John Holt, and wise words from the entire pack allow them to lay a claim to the locus of Honours-the-Venerable-Dead. All the guardian asks for in return is that they observe their funeral rites within the walls, but he will not give them access until they have honoured their dead at least once. With such a bright opportunity, Digger takes his Beta and his Sergeant at Arms to discuss the battle plan, while the new recruits are sent to patroll the Hisil.

When the rite is done, the Crusaders will truly have claimed their territory.

The Seekers Search For Ingredients

The longest standing pack, the Shadow Seekers bonded over their branding as they were honoured by the Lunes for their contribution to the slaying of the Gardener. Needing something lighter, Stefan, Sally and Alejandra spent a morning just being with each other as they prepped food in Gypsy's. The power of the sibling bond between the Seekers is evident, and as yet, enduring, despite their trials.

The Seekers Search For Revenge

With their plans approved by Golden Bear, the Seekers steal a car and drive towards Lake Berryessa, a few hours away from Sacramento. Stefan half-jokingly suggest Alejandra take a deed name. They lay out tactics, and when they come to ground, immediately cloak themselves in fog. Firebringer and Alejandra mask themselves using the stealth Gifts that they have been given.

But bad luck befalls the Seekers, and as they move into the Storm Lord's Mist, they are found by something. Who or what that might be is yet to be seen...

Drinking Contest

Despite valiant and incredibly lucky shots from Dale and Digger, including one astounding flip that hit Stefan in the forehead, the Crusaders lost to the Seekers, thanks primarily to the deft and quick hands of the Seekers' archer. Digger attempts twice to provoke Stefan, but recieves nothing more than a quiet warning shot, as both keep to their tribal vows and renown. All four have proven to be a credit to their packs.

Kung Fu Fighting

Nieves gets herself in a little trouble, thanks to unwisely using the card of a departed packmate, and then fumbling when called on to lie. Fortunately for her, Sin, one of the newest Crusaders, is there to help her out and smooth things over with the gym owner, though now she owes him big. The two spar together cautiously, under the owner's watchful eyes.

Neutral Ground

A slow gathering of the local Uratha puts Dale and Nieves face to face for the first time since Nieves unwisely antagonised the now defunct Ascendant Crescent Brotherhood. Nieves is cautious and wary, although Dale seems to bear her little ill will, perhaps because he already had his chance to sink his fists into her.

Meanwhile, Stefan Anderson meets John Holt for the first time, and Alejandra watches over the Tur with an Irraka's quiet curiosity.

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