Cahalith Howls 1302

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Cahalith Howls 1302
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Cahalith Howls 25 February 2013

Once a month, a powerful, intense howl echoes across the Hisil from the Tur, as Stefan Anderson stands before the grave of Flame of Man.

Even the loudest of spirits seem to fall silent as the noise echoes across the distance. It holds power and passion, and a thousand stories.

The Sworn's New Recruit

Despite the frustrations some members of the pack feel, they focus themselves and rededicate themselves to the search for a totem. Tempers flare briefly, but they manage to calm things down enough to make a pledge that this year will be different - and then watch the ball drop in Times Square.

Due to some confusion, the new potential recruit Filidh gets left behind at the Tur, and is forced to go off to the University dorm on her own - which immediately causes problems when she runs into the Baines brothers, and misses a call from Jeremiah in the process.

The Sworn Seek A Totem

Heading out with the Baines brothers, the Sworn cross the Gauntlet and introduce their newest packmates to Storm-of-Pain. Typically, the hissing swarm of razor blades demands a tribute of pain. Crosshair reacts by putting out a cigarette on his arm, much to the surprise of the Sworn, while River Walker speaks eloquently of the loss of his brother, some years ago. Jeremiah particularly, reacts strongly to this, but stores it away for the future, while the pack press on in their search for a totem.

The Crusaders Home Improvements

With the pack ever expanding, the Crusaders look into expanding their den to accommodate the new recruits. This requires things like functional showers, and a stove big enough for the pack to eat on. Turns out, even Werewolves need food and water. With these discussions under way, the prospects head out to concentrate on their new task.

Dale meets with his contact, a shrewd and fairly uncanny mortal who doesn't seem all that bothered by the presence of Werewolves. After a brief discussion, it's made clear what Splitter wants - a local Casino, burnt to the ground. His criminal friend agrees to the terms, and a few nights later, the place goes up in smoke. Several people are injured in the stampede to escape.

Digger leads the prospects in building their new bikes. After all, it's impossible to be a biker gang without a ride to go with it.

The Crusaders Roll The Dice

Setting off for the Casino, the Crusaders gather themselves and make a definite plan to assault the fortress of the clenched fist. As they advance, they encounter the southern Hisil warped and changed by the effects of the Casino. The streets literally appear to be paved with gold, and the place reeks of opulence in a way that sets their senses on edge. A dog-spirit, its teeth replaced with casino chips passes by- and catches the ire of Dale, who tries to intimidate it. Unfortunately, the dog-spirit madly refuses to be cowed, and starts a barking match.

The Seekers' New Alpha

At Faithkeeper's request, Foestalker completes her first branding, and calls down the Lunes for her pack sister. The Shadow Seeker is challenged by the Lunes her sister summoned. Facing the challenge in her own way, Sally proves herself truly worthy of the brands bestowed upon her. Despite this, a darker undercurrent lingers over the pack, with both Sally and Stefan holding grave news that may change the pack's dynamics forever.

As Sally and Brett follow the blue light, it leads them to marshy ground. Brett spies a hand sticking up from the muddy floor, and moves forwards to investigate, immediately sinking into the swamp. With a great effort, he drags himself free, but feels something pulling him down despite his efforts. Clearly, something is not right here. Remembering myths and legends he has previously read, Brett recalls the legend of the marshlights that lead travellers astray. Now comes the more awkward question of what to do about it.

Shieldbearer returns to the Seekers and reports on Frank's efforts, deeming him not yet ready to be considered a full pack member. After discussion, it is agreed that Frank should be offered a trial run, giving him the chance to redeem himself for his earlier mistakes. After all, there is no good in jumping to conclusions, and who better to set a pup on the right path than the oldest pack in the city?

Despite her best efforts, Sally somehow manages to bribe Alejandra to try on a little black dress. This astounds everyone.

Neutral Ground VI

After a great deal of discussion, Blitzkrieg accepts the invitation to meet the rest of the Crusaders, feeling a natural pull towards their style of fighting the Pure. He departs the Tur with Splitter, ready to prove himself to a new pack. Meanwhile, a new Uratha, Isobel Knight, arrives and immediately makes a beeline for Chaplain, whom she seems to hit it off with. Sadly, she drifts away before she can complete her introductions, leaving the other Uratha wondering exactly what her motives were, to begin with...

The Burning of John Holt

With some thought, and exhibiting a deal of cunning, Sally and John convince Brief Candle of Festivals to set alight some cloth torn from Sally's shirt. Passed through the hole, the rag catches something alight, and frantic Beshilu begin to emerge. The two quickly set to combat, hearing the shrieks of the attacked rats through the muddy wall. The Beshilu, though panicked, immediately fight back, delivering some injuries of their own.

The Tales of the Blood Talons

The scent of a stallion is caught on the wind, and the Blood Talons race into the hunt. But fear grips the stallion, knowing that death is at hand in the form of the Suthar Anzuth. It flees, kicking up a great lead as the Uratha fall behind. But Chaplain suddenly surges forwards, managing to get ahead of the frantic beast Spirit through a sudden, powerful surge. With the other Blood Talons hot on its heels, the Stallion has no choice but to try and turn to fight the oncoming wolves.

A New Job

The enigmatic Deathwright sends out a notice to the Uratha of Sacramento. Several of the Uratha respond, eager for the chance to prove themselves, and earn a name in the process. The Irraka explains that several bodies have been disturbed in graveyards to the south of the city, and that with three being targetted in a mysterious cycle, she cannot watch them all herself. Although there is some initial debate on what to do between the gathered wolves, a consensus is reached. Despite the impatience of some, and the silence of others, the gathered Uratha split into two groups, one headed by the Elodoth Rawlins, and the other by the Elodoth River Walker. With this in mind, both groups set off to the cemeteries.

The howl peters out, lingering on the spirit-winds for some time afterwards. The Hisil hears. And it remembers.

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