Cahalith Howls 1207

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Cahalith Howls 1207
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Cahalith Howls 25 July 2012

Once a month, a powerful, intense howl echoes across the Hisil from the Tur. Even the loudest of spirits seem to fall silent as the noise echoes across the distance. It holds power and passion, and a thousand stories.

Snake Eyes

The Casino's opening pressed ahead, and most Uratha left with an unusually good feeling about the place, despite the strangeness of one or two events. Still, a fist full of dollars were made, and a clenched fist logo was spotted around the place - but surely that's harmless.

The Sworn's Renaming May Happen

The Sworn slowly continue their restructuring, and begin to set pack goals. In time, they may even make a name for themselves, rather than being burdened with the name of others. Despite initial tensions, the pack begans to form, and the search for a totem is truly under way.

Only time will tell if they succeed in their hunt. So far, all that unifies them is their desire [u]not[/u] to have Storm-of-Pain as their unifying force.

The Sworn's Disturbance

Heading into the Shadow, in search of the Magath that caused such dischord amongst them last time, the Sworn find that they are their own worst enemies, as Nieves and Steel Gaze come to blows in the name of the pain ritual owed to their locus Guardian. Fortunately, neither of them falls to Rage, and Nieves is surprised as blood is drawn by Steel Gaze first. Thanks to quick thinking from other pack members, a fight is averted, but it shows a weakness within the pack that might surface again...

Tracking the Magath's passage is more difficult than it first appears, since the trail has aged and decayed over time. The Sworn are lead to an urban jungle, with a mysteriously lined car wreck.

And Kevin Swift thinks he feels something watching him...

The Crusaders Debate

A peaceful discussion in the den becomes intense and heated, as the Crusaders discuss the Pure. Sergeant-at-Arms Dale strikes Skaald for delivering a passionate speech about the relationship between the Forsaken and the Pure, swearing that no member of the Pure will ever be his brother. Skaald urges him to not underestimate the Pure in this regard.

It is a testimony to the strength of the pack bond that they are able to walk away, without escalating into a full blown confronation.

The Crusaders Charge

Digger, the Alpha of the Crusaders, deems that the time has come to ride out against the Pure. Bolstered by clever scouting from his Omegas, and a clever ritual from Skaald, Digger rides alone across the river, braving Pure territory and dodging their scouts by the skin of his teeth. He approaches some base of operations of theirs slowly, not recognising the Pure's markings.

The others fortify the Bridges. Skaald, Half and Dale find the logo of a clenched fist... a logo that has been emerging over, and over again, in a strange pattern.

They have little time to consider this, as a howl goes up, warning of an intruder...

The Seekers Search For Ingredients

The Seekers bond over a difficult discussion, where Faithkeeper expresses her desire to step down as Beta, to a reluctant Stefan, and a bemused Alejandra. The debate is quickly derailed by discussion of Alejandra's sex life, which Sally sees as important, and Stefan sees as a reason to annoy his packmate.

The Seekers Search For Revenge

The scouts prove to be a dangerous foe, although the Seekers overcome one quickly. The second falls to the Rage, and fights a bloody battle, wounding Alejandra and Matthew before being brought down by the Alpha. More disturbingly, the Seekers find that the scouts are infected and reeking of decay, and that the diseases themselves seem to be natural. Although of course, something must have caused it...

The disgusted wolves follow the trail to an old Tur, where Faithkeeper sees Locusts swarming over the Shadow, and the scent of rot and decay clutch at the breeze.

Neutral Ground I

The small gathering comes to a close, with the Blood Talons promising to give Nieves of the Sworn due consideration, and Dale seeming to be willing to utterly bury the Hatchet, if Nieves will prove herself. The Uratha all part amicably, the informal meeting over by some mutual consent.

The howl peters out, lingering on the spirit-winds for some time afterwards. The [I]Hisil[/I] hears. And it remembers.

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