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World of Darkness WW55207
Pages 192
After Dogs of War
Before Slasher
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The Legions of Hell

It starts with the buzzing of flies. The smell of rotting meat. Then the whispers begin. They’re out there, waiting for a moment of weakness so they can slip through, hungry for the vices that feed them. You can even let them in — though be careful of the cost.

This is a site-wide House Rule Banned: Inferno has been removed from general play on Edge of Darkness. The staff has determined that Inferno is either over powered, inconsistent or does not promote constructive game play in the environment that has been built on this site. Please know that Inferno has been discussed on some level and that the removal of Inferno play was done with the best of intentions. This source material may be available outside of the general setting, in side games.

A Character Book for World of Darkness®

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