Wicked Grasp

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Wicked Grasp
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Nosferatu The Beast that Haunts the Blood.jpg
Nosferatu The Beast that Haunts the Blood p. 111
Disciplines Nightmare ••
XP 9 xp
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This is a Vampire House Rule The Discipline's Activation roll must exceed the other grappler's Strength to affect their Initiative

The Nosferatu becomes like a twisting python. Arms slide about his victim’s neck and chest at impossible angles, legs seem to coil like constricting worms, even the vampire’s chin seems to press into the target’s flesh to keep him pinned.

The Nosferatu may attempt to use this Devotion when grappling. If both the grapple and the Devotion roll are successful, Serpent’s Grip has two effects. First, the victim goes to the end of the Initiative order. Second, when attempting to break the Haunt’s hold, the victim not only subtracts the Nosferatu’s Strength, but also his dots in Nightmare, as well.

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