Appalling Lure

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Appalling Lure
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Bloodlines The Chosen.jpg
Bloodlines The Chosen p. 54
Disciplines Majesty ••••
Phagia •••
XP 21 xp
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Many of the lairs of the Noctuku are festooned with the remnants of their victims; torn limbs and broken bones are scattered about in a terrible display. With this power, these discards are transformed, setting and baiting a trap for unsuspecting Kindred.

When the Noctuku activates this power, he distributes the remains in a pattern that, though it seems random, is actually meticulously constructed to attract attention. The first vampire who notices one of the limbs — even if it’s only partially visible — will feel a strange, dreamlike attraction to it, and may find himself wandering over to have a closer look, even if he knows it might be a bad idea.

At least five limbs of Size 1 or greater must be scattered for the lure to work, in a radius no more than 10 feet from a chosen center.

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