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Approval Usage Naming Conventions
Characters must be approved first. Wiki Character pages are based on forum character sheets, and won't work without an approved character sheet ID.

General Character Creation Rules
For Changeling
For Mage
For Vampire

Character Creation Discussions

Submission Forms
This is for adding or editing Character articles. Enter the Character's name below:

- if an article about that Character already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that article.

- if no article exists, a new one will be created.
Existing Characters

Character Form Walkthrough
This should be identical to your forum character account, if you're using one.

First and Last name (no middle) or Nickname
Example: Bruce Wayne
Example: Batman
Not: Bruce "Batman" Wayne
Please do not use quote marks, accent marks, or other special characters.

Mages and Werewolves can use Shadow and Deed Names instead of character names, but please do not use both.

Please note that the following Avatars are currently in use and should not be used again:

Please note that the following Avatars are permanently retired and should not be used again:

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