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Goetic Gospels
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Witch Finders p. 129-135
Knights of Saint George
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Goetic Gospels is the Endowment of the hunter conspiracy the Knights of Saint George in Hunter: The Vigil.

To First Revelation members and those of deep Christian faith, the Gospels are lost teachings of Jesus Christ, given by Him to banish "demons". The older, more experienced members know that underneath the iconography are the tools to manipulate the powers of the ancient gods that lie beneath the existence of the world. As the Knights are centered around the destruction of witches, the Gospels revolve around the disruption and control of magic. There are three branches of the Gospels: the Gospel of Agares, which breaks magical connections, the Gospel of Amon, which causes feelings of guilt and sin, and the Gospel of Beleth, which affects the Source of magic. Only the first three powers of Beleth have been found and successfully translated.

Each dot the Knight takes in the Endowment Merit represents the highest ability they may take. In addition, a Knight may have no more than five total dots in Goetic Gospels; for every dot above five, they must take a severe derangement. Most Knights chose to focus on a single branch.

The Gospel of Agares

  • Lie of the Heart (•) : The Knight avoids any magic spells in an area.
  • Crocodile Armor (••) : The Knight calls a demon that serves as an armor against magic.
  • Agares' Goosehawk (•••) : The Knight slowly erodes away a witch's spell.
  • Envy's Barb (••••) : The Knight conjures a demon that soaks up magic, effectively countering a spell.
  • Flagellant's Denial (•••••) : The Knight injures himself, summoning a demon which prevents all magic from being cast.

The Gospel of Amon

  • Stolen Vice (•) : The Knight attaches a Willpower-soaking demon to a witch.
  • Maddening Whispers (••) : The Knight calls a demon that whispers crazed thoughts to a mage.
  • Magpie Mysteries (•••) : The Knight cuts off a mage's access to one of their Mysteries.
  • Vicious Cycle (••••) : The Knight summons a demon that forces a witch to relive their worst sin.
  • Demon King of Nothing (•••••) : The Knight merges a demon to a mage, causing the mage to gain Paradox on all magic used.

The Gospel of Beleth

  • Gluttonous Devourer (•) : The Knight conjures a Source-eating demon.
  • Servitor of Sloth (••) : The Knight forces a witch to use Willpower when casting spells.
  • Poison Baubles (•••) : The Knight can poison the Source within a witch's body.
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