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Slasher p. 165 -175
Les Mysteres
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Teleinformatics is the Endowment of the hunter conspiracy the Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit in Hunter: The Vigil.

A requirement to join VASCU is to have innate psychic talent of some sort. In order to allow agents to truly tap into their potential, the agency works on unlocking their skills through drugs, amplifying their potential. Once the psychic skills have been refined, the agent's talents are classified into one of three areas and they are then put to work.

The skills found in VASCU agents tend towards one of three categories: Interviewing, in which the agent uses telepathic abilities to raid a target's mind; Investigation, which heightens an agent's normal senses to inhuman proportions, and Research that grants ESP-type powers to allow agents to view things as no other person can.

Interviewing Abilities

  • (•) Just One More Thing - An agent becomes especially sensitive to feelings of guilt relating to a short phrase.
  • (••) Polygraph - The agent can read their subject's surface emotions.
  • (•••) Synchronization - An agent can make a copy of a target's mind within their own, allowing them free access to the target's memories, feelings, and, unfortunately, derangement's.
  • (••••) The Talon - The agent mentally strikes out at specific parts of the target's mind, pressuring them to answer questions.
  • (•••••) Tactical Co-ordination - An agent can create a mental network with other allies, using their own abilities as a center.

Investigation Abilities

  • (•) Psychometry - An agent can read special psychic traces on an item, revealing any basic secrets it holds.
  • (••) Scene Read - The agent can quickly and mentally trace a basic idea of what happened at a crime scene.
  • (•••) Speed of Thought - An agent can speed up their mental processes, giving them inhuman abilities.
  • (••••) Postcognition - The agent mentally recreates a crime scene, able to accurately see the events that transpired there.
  • (•••••) Hall of Mirrors - An agent enters another mental state that allows them to see a quick blast of the future.

Research Abilities

  • (•) Network - An agent instantly knows where to begin hunting for information on an inanimate object or a subject.
  • (••) Deep Background - With a single piece of information, an agent can psychically direct themselves to anything about a subject online.
  • (•••) Bookworm - An agent can focus and instantly learn any information in an area on a subject they're researching.
  • (••••) Tag - The agent can use lenses and animals as eyes to follow a target subject.
  • (•••••) Omnicompetence - An agent can temporarily learn any skill simply by doing enough research on it.
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