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Cheiron Group
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The Cheiron Group is a conspiracy of hunters that exist as a company dedicated to capturing and experimenting on dark monsters to benefit their own technology and investments. Within the Cheiron Group is the blandly-named "Field Projects Division"; this area of the company is completely dedicated to the supernatural. Employees of the division are assigned with capturing creatures, experimenting on them, or developing new products and inventions from those experiments.


Cheiron has its origins in a small pharmaceutical company founded in Europe in1904. As the years wore on, the Cheiron Group expanded its horizons by buying up a number of smaller companies to form a multi-national conglomerate. Most famously, Cheiron was involved in a lawsuit in 1999 from a number of religious organizations, particularly Christian ones, charging that the company was involved with Satanistic practices. The rumor was believed to come from the company's logo which it had had since its founding: a horned and bearded man wearing a laurel wreath placed over a caduceus. The lawsuits all failed, and Cheiron made a mint from the publicity.


The good news is that once someone gets a job in the Field Projects Division, they have it for life. The bad news is if they want to leave, they can't...not even as a corpse. To ensure employee loyalty, all members of the division will have an implant Cheiron has developed placed in them, effectively making them company property and subjecting them to all of the clauses within; their own bodies can even be claimed by Cheiron for dissection or rendering to gain further data on the devices they had within them.

The benefit of being a Cheiron hunter is the company offers a lot of support without offering much in the way of questions or hinderance; so long as a hunter does not drag the Cheiron Group's name through the mud, they are free to operate as they see fit. Bringing in new or rare things are guaranteed to net any employee a nice bonus.

There are three main sub-branches within the Field Projects Division. Retrieval agents are sent to track down and capture supernatural creatures for usage in experiments. Recruitment agents look for potential employees, usually from other cells or compacts, to keep their own numbers up. Field Research agents get to spy on other organizations, hunter, supernatural, or otherwise, looking for information (or other things) to steal back to the Cheiron Group.


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