Rites du Cheval

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Rites du Cheval
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Spirit Slayers p. 153-160
Les Mysteres
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Rites du Cheval is the Endowment of the Hunter conspiracy Les Mysteres in Hunter: The Vigil.

Spirit powers are tricky to borrow, as many spirits are unpredictable and often extremely emotional. Most spirits must be offered some sort of appeasement before they allow themselves to be used. Weak spirits most likely require a simple thanks and a small material offering, while the most powerful spirits may involve invocations or sacrifices to call down their talents. Spirits come in a variety of types, and the ways to invoke them are as diverse as the kinds that exist.

Spirit talkers are fiercely protective of their powers and abilities, and do not willingly share them with anyone, even others in other cells of Les Mystères. The number of dots by each ability represents how well know they are, with one dot being common knowledge, to five dots meaning a scarce few know the power. Often, a hunter who wishes to learn a high-level rite will have to do years of hunting and traveling to find someone willing to teach them. As with most other hunters, a character may not take a rite rated higher than their Endowment Merit.

Although the rites have names reminiscent of voodoo here, members around the world, especially those of different religious beliefs, will give them different names to reflect their culture.

The Rites

  • Skin of the Loa: The spirit toughens the skin of the ridden.
  • Ephemeral Disguise: The spirit helps the ridden hide in plain sight.
  • Elemental Rebuke: An elemental spirit affects the body of a target.
  • Light as a Feather: Spirits of wind and air help the ridden's body float and bounce safely around.
  • The Hands of Raphael: The spirit of Raphael the archangel heals the hunter and bestows a special grace on them.
  • Spiritual Guidance: The ridden calls on a spirit talented in a specific skill to help them with a task.
  • Clinging Leech: A leech spirit can steal away health from any opponent the ridden touches.
  • Voodoo Doll: A spirit enters a specially-prepared doll, allowing the hunter to use it to manipulate a foe.
  • Deny the Moon: Spirits who oppose the moon can cut off werewolves' moon-strengthened powers.
  • Wearing the Baron's Hat: The ridden calls on Baron Samedi himself, who enhances the ridden's combat skills.

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