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Hunter The Vigil Sourcebook p. 184-191
Cheiron Group
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Thaumatechnology is the Endowment of the hunter conspiracy the Cheiron Group in Hunter: The Vigil.

The Cheiron Group's use of science to examine the supernatural has produced an unusual and unstable mesh of the two. Thaumatechnology is almost frightening in how powerful it can potentially be, how horrifically wrong it can go, and, perhaps most importantly, how Cheiron agents must use it. They cannot simply be picked up and used; rather, all Thaumatechnology comes in the form of implants that require surgery to correctly connect it to the user bodies.

Implants can be connected "in the field", but the surgical skill required is high, and things can go disasterously awry, even under the best of conditions.


  • Anger Patch: A square of Vampire skin grafted onto the back of an agent's neck that allows them to detect vampires nearby.
  • Weapon of Last Resort: An agent has a set of retractable claws of supernatural origin.
  • Devil's Eyes: The implanted eyes of a demon that allow the agent to see and read auras.
  • Lover's Lips: Vampiric tissue sacs that causes anyone to tasting the blood spit from it to become attracted to the user.
  • Personal Defense Swarm: A set of "insects" made from supernatural metal and bile that attack any hostile targets when released.
  • Quick-Step: Implanted ligaments and tissue from vampires and werewolves that grants the agent extra speed.
  • Optic Thorn: A tiny bone spur implanted in the optic nerve of the left eye, allowing the agent to detect other supernaturally-augmented hunters.
  • Twitcher: A spinal implant that improves the agent's reaction time.
  • Regenerative Nodule: A werewolf "cyst" that temporarily allows the user a werewolf's fast healing ability.
  • Plasmic Caul: The remains of a geist, implanted in the brain, allowing the agent to manifest limited Sin-Eater-like powers.
  • Banality Worm: A creature from an unknown realm that grants resistance to supernatural powers when implanted near the heart.
  • Hand of Glory: A severed hand from a specially-prepared corpse that creates hypnotic fire.

Mage Enhancements

  • Agonizer: A specially-implanted bug that feeds on magic from mages when it stings one.

Werewolf Enhancements

  • Ectocrine Gland: An injection of ectoplasm that allows the agent to view the realm of Twilight and speak with spirits.
  • Berserker Splice: A graft from the Medulla oblongata of a werewolf allows the agent to respond fiercely in a stressful situation.

Slasher Enhancements

  • Cortical Adaptation: Made from tumors or brain-defects found in some serial killers, these growths allow the agent to think like a slasher.


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