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Advanced Armory
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Hunter The Vigil Sourcebook.jpg
Hunter The Vigil Sourcebook p. 150-157
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Advanced Armory is the Endowment of the hunter conspiracy Task Force VALKYRIE in Hunter: The Vigil.

As a modern, progressive group of hunters with a huge amount of resources at their disposal, VALKYRIE has focused on the technical and scientific aspects of fighting creatures of darkness instead of worrying over magic. The equipment they have developed is quite powerful and extremely hush-hush. In order for any VALKYRIE agent to use the weapons and armor of the conspiracy, they must have a special RFID chip implanted in their body, which releases a special frequency that allows the instrument to be used; anyone who attempts to use a weapon without having the chip will have it lock up.

There are a few armory types that are "renewable"; that is, they are expended upon use and must be replaced before the next mission or encounter. A VALKYRIE agent, depending on their status and mission, is only issued so much renewable equipment at a time.

Armory Tools

  • (•) to (•••••) Etheric Rounds: Renewable. A bullet bombarded by special energy that allows it to pierce spirit matter.
  • (•) Witch Buster: An electronic bait that projects a false signal, triggering the Unseen Sense Merit.
  • (••) or (•••) Etheric Goggles: Along with acting as regular night-vision goggles, these allow the wearer to see objects in Twilight.
  • (••) The Bleeder: A tool that forces blood out of a vampire's body when used.
  • (•••) Equalizer Grenade: Renewable. A special grenade that emits a frequency to prevent shapechanging.
  • (•••) or (••••) Gungnir Multi-Function Targeting System: A scope that automatically targets any supernatural creature.
  • (•••) VDSB: A bomb that momentarily resembles sunlight.
  • (••••) Etheric Tracker: A gun that fires pellets that can be used to track creatures in ethereal and physical realms.
  • (••••) Munin Serum: Renewable. A drug that erases up to six hours of a person's memory.
  • (••••) or (•••••) Mjolnir Cannon: A "ray gun" that emits an extremely strong electromagnetic beam that fries any targets in its path.

Witch Hunting Tools

  • (•••) Screamer Pistol: A gun that generates an ultra-low pitch, disrupting concentration in living beings.

Predator Hunting Tools

  • (••) Frequency Pulse Emitter: Renewable A grenade that releases a high-pitched noise that affects the heightened senses of the supernatural.
  • (•••••) Urban Response Vehicle: Special A light-armored vehicle with special armory and features that is disguised as an ordinary van.

Serial Killer Hunting Tools

  • (•) to (•••••) Tranq Rounds: Renewable Specially manufactured bullets that fit into ordinary guns and release fast-acting tranquilizers upon contact with a body. The more powerful and complex the weapon, the higher the number of dots an agent will need to acquire these.


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