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Network Zero
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Network Zero is a compact of hunters made up of contacts through an Internet network who do their best to use the media to unveil the truth about the mysterious creatures of the night. The members of Network Zero are dedicated to the truth; they want everyone to know about these horrific things they upload. Some do it out of concern, while others for personal glory. A few actively seek out these creatures to film and kill. Others have become good at recognizing how to identify certain types of creature on film and have come up with ways to prove if the footage is faked or real.



On September 22, 1991, an amateur filmmaker named Jim Harrison broadcast three short films demonstrating fantastic, strange, and horrifying phenomenon on a local public access channel in Texas. He followed the broadcast with a way to contact him, asking for more information on what appeared in the movies. The films had been sent anonymously, giving him no clue to their background.

Harrison began collecting other films of a similar nature, as well as consulting with contacts who had remarkable footage of their own. Some began seeking to record footage on their own. Eventually, the group became organized when Harrison founded the website Network Zero, which collected these films from around the world in one easy-to-view place, as well as provided a point for members to discuss and dissect the strange things they viewed.


Harrison still remains in charge, but from there, it's as organized as a website can get. Members gain a reputation from the videos they post or their ability to analyze the film in question.

Of the members, Network Zero posters tend to fall into one of three tasks. Record Keepers, which make up the majority, are the ones who capture and archive the material Network Zero gets. The Army of Truth want humanity to know about the supernatural at any cost and are not above pulling stunts or pirating broadcasts to get their word across. The Secret Keeprs, on the other hand, want to keep the information on the down low, afraid that it gives the monsters an advantage to help them hide themselves and their giveaway features better; they will reveal the information, but only at the right time.


Members of Network Zero get into the group through invitation, after posting something of suffi cient interest on the Net. They gain Status through continuing to share information and post revelatory material on the Net.

Status •

You have a Network Zero password, allowing you to upload video, sound and text to the site, from where it’s disseminated across the Net. In the short time since you joined Network Zero, you’ve probably found more about back doors and web shortcuts than you could ever have learned. You get a free Skill Specialty in either Crafts or Expression in some form of media or another (web, film, digital cameras, etc.).

Status •••

Under your Internet handle, you’re well known, not just among people on the Secret Frequency, but more generally among those people who have an interest in matters Fortean. You have the equivalent of two dots in the Fame Merit, applicable to topics Fortean or supernatural among members of Network Zero and Internet conspiracy freaks.

Status •••••

You get information sent to you, meaning that you've probably gathered hundreds of videos, sound files and documents. Your library gives you a limited form of the Encyclopedic Knowledge Merit, related to film techniques and supernatural phenomena, but only as far as recorded supernatural phenomena goes. You won’t know


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