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The Vigil

Everyone joins the Vigil for a different reason. Maybe it was the day they came home and found a raving, mad wife who pleaded with them that the ghost of their son, dead for five years, wouldn't let her sleep. Maybe it was the night they were out partying and the guy they hooked up with wasn't interested in a drunken one-night stand, but was after something so much more dangerous. Maybe it was just the day their eyes opened and they saw everything like it really was.

There's one thing that joins them all together. They saw the infection in a place and they said 'Hell with this', saddled up and took the fight right back to the monsters. Sure, it's not always a group of guys with guns. Sometimes it's a quiet meeting in a smoky room where a group of businessmen figure out that a bloodsucker's after planning permission and denying the Hell out of it. Sometimes it's a bunch of kids with a camera, desperately trying to prove that yes, something is out there. Sometimes it's just one, quiet person who decided at the last moment that they weren't going to go out without a fight.

Individually, they're just holding a single, small candleflame. It's not much, alone. But only the short-sighted would fail to see what happens when the flames are held up together.

The darkness doesn't stand a chance against that inferno.


They haven't picked up their candle yet, but they might. They're on the edge of the precipice, and while they've not yet looked down into the pit, there's something lurking at the bottom. They've seen it out of the corner of their eyes. Some day soon, they're going to have to make a decision.

That's what it is to be human.

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