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Adamantine Hand
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Allowed Physical
Adamantine Arrow Sourcebook.jpg
Adamantine Arrow Sourcebook p. 53-54
Preq's Status ●● (Adamantine Arrow)
Arcana ●+
Five dots of Fighting Style Merits (at least one of which must have ••• ranks)
Level(s) ● (2XP)
●● (6XP)
●●● (12XP)
●●●● (20XP)
●●●●● (30XP)
Venue Mage
Possessed By
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Your character has learned to manipulate magical energies with physical techniques, above and beyond rote mudras. You must purchase this Fighting Style separately for each Arcanum (so there is the Death Hand, the Hand of Space and so on). Your character must have one more dot in the associated Arcanum than the dots of the maneuver you wish him to learn.

Just as other Fighting styles, you must purchase each maneuver in order. This rule applies, separately, to each style. For example, a character with Adaman- tine Hand: Forces ••• and Adamantine Hand: Life • can progress to Adamantine Hand: Forces •••• or Adamantine Hand: Life •• — not •••.

The names below are often used in old texts, but every school has a unique, cryptic name for each technique.


Thunder (•)

Your character can sense the weak points in Shielding Practice spells without even using magic. Her psychic senses intuitively seek out flaws in these defenses, and she knows how to physically slip through them. If an opponent employs a Shielding spell using the Fighting Style’s Arcanum, reduce the spell’s effect by one point against the character’s spells, Brawl strikes or Weaponry attacks.

Drawback: The character must make physical contact with a hand or held weapon, even when casting a spell, in order to benefit from this maneuver.

Diamond (••)

Your character can alter her Shielding spells if they belong to the Fighting Style’s Arcanum. She dodges away from weak points in her shield and concentrates its strength in a reduced area. She can increase the strength of her shield by one point against one oncoming attack per turn, but suffers a one-point reduction in shield strength against all other attacks in that turn. She can improve or degrade the shield against different attacks or opponents on each turn.

If your character learns the third rank of the Fighting Style’s Arcanum, she can change the adjustment to +2/–2 if she wishes. She can apply this benefit to advanced spells that protect others, but only if she’s adjacent to the individual or group she’s protecting.

Drawback: Using this maneuver costs one point of Willpower per scene.

Star (•••)

Your character may cast a spell from the Fighting Style’s Arcanum and perform a physical action in the same turn. The spellcasting roll suffers a –1 die penalty.

Drawback: This maneuver costs one point of Willpower per turn.

Your character may not combine this maneuver with other abilities that grant multiple actions.

Blood (••••)

Your character can sacrifice her own life force to enhance a spell from the Fighting Style’s Arcanum. She can choose to suffer as many points of aggravated damage as her Resolve. Each point of damage coverts into a bonus die on her spellcasting for that turn. She can also choose to make the damage resistant to magical and Mana-based healing to give the spellcasting roll the 9-again quality.

Drawback: This maneuver costs one point of Willpower per use.

Abyss (•••••)

Your character hones the bond between her soul and body to such an extent that she can channel Supernal energies physically, without tempting of the Abyss. She does not suffer Paradoxes when she casts spells using the Fighting Style’s Arcanum if she channels them through physical contact. In combat, she must successfully initiate a grapple to use this maneuver on a moving target.


The Star technique of Adamantine Hand doesn’t let mages cast a rote learned with the Law of Embodiment and an additional spell in the same turn. Only one spell is permitted.

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