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Domain Ventrue Ordo Dracul
New Identity ●●●●

Clark Miller

New Identity ●●●●

Leo Dupree

Asa is taller than most; a solid 6'3, but just shy of being imposing. His size is often downplayed by dark, well-tailored suits. With a winning smile, most men want to be his friend, and most women... more than friends. He tends to be polite, quiet, and calm, up to once being referred to as the 'politest man in the city'. With those that know him beyond the casual social pleasantries, he has a quick wit and broad sense of humor. His most obvious characteristic is his appreciation for beautiful women, and more than one person has observed that he always seems surrounded by them. The observant or knowledgeable will also soon realize that Asa displays the casual disregard for money only found in the extremely wealthy.


To help clarify for OOC purposes; general Kindred of the Domain should address Asa by his Domain Title (Prince).
- Prince, Your Royal Highness, Your Highness, or Sir
Ordo Dracul Kindred of the Domain should address Asa by his Domain Title first (Prince) in mixed company, and his Ordo Dracul Titles in Ordo Dracul-only company.
- Sanguine Scholar of the Void is the current Ordo Dracul Title claimed


The Embrace

Little is known about Asa Clarke's Sire or Embrace other than he claims the Blood of the Ventrue.

Early Years

Asa Clarke first came to Sacramento in the early 1900's, a borderline neonate/ancillae of moderate wealth who dabbled in Kine politics and owned a small nightclub. Among the Kindred, he was worth little notice, and quietly continued in this fashion until the mid-70s. During this decade, Asa was often seen with Nika Crassus, heiress to The Claire, and more than a few speculated he had taken her as a ghoul. It was at this time, though, that the Nosferatu Freddrick overthrew Prince Tobias Straiphen, plunging the city into a period of turmoil and change. Some older members of the city remember that Asa was more than a little interested in Ishani Naetesh, the head of Freddrick's intelligence corps. Whether this had any bearing on Asa's political leanings, it is known that he tacitly supported Freddrick's coup, using his influence with the Kine to distract and hinder Straiphen's agents during Freddrick's ascension. Shortly after the coup, Asa vanished from Sacramento.

The Exile

Little is known about the three decades Asa spent away from Sacramento. Some claim to have seen him on the east coast, and it is generally accepted that he spent this time with 'family' in New York; possibly his Sire. It is also generally accepted that Asa returned much more subdued, serious and almost studious, and that the strength of his Blood and skill with his clan's signature Discipline left no question as to whether he should be considered a neonate or ancilla.



In late 2008 or early 2009, Asa was seen in Sacramento again, and claimed the position of Ventrue Priscus, despite the presence of two Invictus Elders among the Lords of the city. Shortly after being re-Acknowledged by Prince Freddrick, Asa was made Sheriff's Deputy by the Domain's Sheriff, Ishani Naetesh. Despite an early misstep in overstepping his authority, he continued to serve in this capacity, assisting with a rogue Nosferatu in the sewers, a Bloodhunt declared on Gabriel Marcus, and investigating the attack by the Brood known as the Gardeners. During this time, he and Ishani Naetesh became lovers, and both joined the Invictus. Asa is also known for hosting the Sundance Court. After the fall of the Elder population to Eric The Ancient, Asa would be acclaimed Prince by the remaining ancillae of the City[1].

House Millarr

Prince Asa Clarke is known among the Invictus of Sacramento to be a Successor of House Millarr. Originally an Invictus Dynasty consisting of Brandon Davis, Icarus, Lioni Dupree, and Zoe Miller, the Dynasty was devastated by the assault of Eric The Ancient upon the city. The sole Risen survivor, Lioni Dupree, extended the invitation that Brandon Davis had been tasked with but died before delivering. Shortly after, the Alder Lady Dupree was also slain by the Progenitor Bethem, and the city's Kindred fell prey to the virus known as the Lost Nights.

Although no details have been forthcoming from existing House Members, it is known that Asa was inducted as a full Successor, and the old and well-regarded House continues as a Cyclical Dynasty, now counting Ishani Naetesh and Twist among it's Members.


During the Sundance Court, Lady Commissioner Jane Scotts delivered a gift to Asa from Icarus, which were a symbolic invitation to join the Invictus. Asa would join, sponsored by Alder Lord Judex Icarus and Alder Lady Au Pair Lioni Dupree. One of his first official Covenant tasks was to bring a Kine to the Grindhouse Court to observe the Final Death of Gabriel Marcus. This Kine was police officer Joe O'Connell, who had been pursuing Marcus' crimes. Shortly thereafter, Bethem and the Lost Nights devastated the Covenant. Bethem would strike first, killing Lioni Dupree[2], whose position of Judex then fell to Asa by dint of their Dynastic ties, despite Arnold Culler's seniority.

Upon Rising from the Lost Nights, only Asa Clarke and Arnold Culler remained of the powerful Covenant. Asa quickly recruited Twist, and named her a Lady of the Invictus to bolster his own position. Ishani Naetesh would eventually Rise, re-joining the Covenant, as well as many new members, but ultimately Asa and Ishani would leave for the Ordo Dracul.

At his final Invictus appearance, Asa introduced Twist as a Millarr Successor, conferring all of his power and position as Judex and Viscount to her. He would also name Arnold Culler a Lord of the Invictus before leaving.

The Public Eye

Asa's public persona among the Kine is Clark Miller. As Clark Miller, he is known in several circles.

Known for throwing charity events
Known as a lobbyist, usually in matters involving real estate and economic development
Known for being an investor in several clubs
Known for significant investments in infrastructure
Known for arranging performances at clubs
Known as a wealthy investor
Known as a campaign contributor to several officials
Known for sizable private donations to facilities
Known as a utilities investor


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