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Ballo Della Notte
Owner Twist
Manager Kalos Hamilton
Established 2009
Type Theater
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Ballo Della Notte Layout

“A beautiful display of the human body in motion and in stillness, it’s a must see!” -California Today


Located on the edge of the city, the old theater has been renovated and now houses the Ballo Della Notte. A show combining acrobats, contortionists, and actors it has been running for 6 years. The show itself changes irregularly based on sales, seasons and the unknown factor of the owner: Myah Torsione. A secretive lady, Myah Torsione, lets her producer, Kalos Hamilton do all the press talking concerning Ballo Della Notte. Although she is frequently seen at her shows, none truly know what she looks like. This is due to the fact that she always wears a mask. While Kalos denies rumors that it is to hide a deformity, rumors still abound.

The latest show is a new one, and has only been running for a few weeks. Titled “Alito della Luna”, it has a show once a night Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets range from $70 to $120 depending on the seat.



As I walked up to the building I could almost feel time pause and shift around me. The crumbling theater that had stood here when I was younger was no more. Instead it has been renovated and stands proud in its display of age and antiquity, its walls scrubbed and repainted.

Inside the illusion of being displaced in time does not fade. I mingle with my fellow attendees, dressed in our best and acting as lords and ladies we wait for the ushers to let us to our seats. The buzz of conversation surrounds us as guests wonder at the show that awaits us. I myself can’t help but join in the speculation. The theater’s renovation has been publicly known seemingly since it began, but the secret of what would be housed in the historic building has been well kept. Finally the doors to the theater are opened.

Inside it is as though time had never flowed. Speculation rises and the talk fills the air. When the lights finally dim and the red curtain rises a hush falls and eyes turn forward. And there they remain until intermission.

The show is mesmerizing. Performers and actors mingle to sweep the audience into a world were fantasies and dreams exist. Intermission comes and as the curtain falls I take a breath that I feel like I have been holding since it first rose. And when it rose again at the end of the intermission I was quickly plunged back into the world created on stage. All too quickly it seemed over, the lights returning once more as the curtain dropped. The resounding applause was deserved two fold over and standing ovations were quick to be given.

And while I will be quick to recommend the show and give high praise there are a few things to note. It is a formal dress event and catered to adults, therefore children under the age of 7 will probably not enjoy the show as much. With that said I will give it 5 stars and be attending next week’s showing.”

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