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Streetwise Skill
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Characters possessing this Skill know how life on the streets works and are adept at surviving by its harsh rules. Streetwise characters can gather information, make contacts, buy and sell on the black market, and otherwise make use of the streetÕs unique resources. The Skill is also important for navigating urban dangers, avoiding the law, and staying on the right side of the wrong people.


Working the Black Market

When your character wants to turn to the black market to buy illegal items (or unload stolen goods), the Storyteller first determines how many successes are necessary to complete the task. That number depends on the size or value of the items sought. Buying or selling handguns might require only three successes, while dealing in stolen cars might demand six. Highly illegal, hard-to-find items such as military hardware might require eight or more successes. A successful series of rolls means your character finds someone able to trade, and a meeting is arranged. All your character has to do is show up with the money (or items to sell) and the deal is done.

Roll Results


Same as "Working the Black Market" with Penalty equal to the weapon's damage rating + 5 difficulty (Ex. Pistol with Damage ●● would be a -7 penalty).


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