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Forces ●●
Instant None
Covert Ruling
Duration Transitory
Banishers, p.56
Banishers : 10-13
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This is a Mage House Rule This is not allowed.

The Banisher sends out a signal on a police frequency. Rather than sending out a specific vocal transmission (à la the “Transmission” spell, see p. 167 of Mage: The Awakening), the Banisher simply sends a pulse that computers read as “officers need assistance.” This spell doesn’t work well in rural areas where all field communication uses two-way radios, but in cities where every patrol car has its own onboard computer, a Banisher can look forward to flashing lights in a few short minutes.

Banishers Rote: 10-13

This rote was created by an Obrimos Banisher who, pre- Awakening, was a police dispatcher. Noting how quickly cops respond to a call in which fellow officers are in danger, he developed this rote to summon some quick aid (or at least a distraction) when necessary.

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