Under Control

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Under Control
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Location Sacramento
August Kordecki
Daniel Turner
Harry Woods
Hildegarde Bingen
Leo Lockheart
Martha Villiers
Thao Ngoc
Date Began 2014/05/01
Storyteller(s) West
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Under Control is a crossover plot involving Changelings, Mages, Vampires, and Werewolves.

Day One

In the early morning, Ariadne has her phone pick-pocketed by Harry Woods. She also notices a Mage using Incognito Presence following her attacker, and begins to follow him as well. Eventually, she discovers the Incognito mage is Zilker, who reveals himself after Woods flees from Ariadne[1]

Elsewhere in the city, Coco Tascioni runs into Nightfall, who enlists her aid[2]. At a bus stop, Nightfall attacks and kills a man. Leo Lockheart witnesses the attack, and begins chasing Nightfall, but Nightfall escapes. During this, Coco strips the corpse of his phone and camera, but is spotted by Ariadne.


(Under Control) Where's Waldo?
(Under Control) I Spy
(Under Control) Appearing Act
(Under Control) To the Point
(Under Control) Home Is Where The Heart Is
(Under Control) Broken In Half
(Under Control) Absence of Evidence
(Under Control) Birds of a Feather
(Under Control) Lucky Catch
(Under Control) Nox
(Under Control) Both Halves Are Developing Well
(Under Control) Photography Critique
(Under Control) Adamant and Silent
(Under Control) Calling Aaren Eloi
(Under Control) Light and Shadow
(Under Control) Calling Miach
(Under Control) Calling Malory Grey!
(Under Control) A Wolf, a Flower, and a Wasp
(Under Control) Uncertain Territory
(Under Control) Two By Two
(Under Control) Wheels Up
(Under Control) Text to Dillon Connery
(Under Control) Missing In Action
(Under Control) Broken Arrow
(Under Control) Guilty Feelings?
(Under Control) Hammertime!
(Under Control) Can I Speak to Your Manager?
(Under Control) There and back again
Calling Dillon
(Under Control) Good Chantay Hunting
(Under Control) Good Leo Hunting
(Under Control) Calling Asylum
(Under Control) Calling Chantay
(Under Control) Meeting Chantay
(Under Control) McClellan After Hours Club
(Under Control) The Bathrooms


Facts about Under ControlRDF feed
CastAriadne  +, August Kordecki  +, Coco  +, Daniel Turner  +, Firebringer  +, Harry Woods  +, Hildegarde Bingen  +, Leo Lockheart  +, Martha Villiers  +, Miach  +, Nightfall  +, Thao Ngoc  +, Vector  +, Zilker  +, and Zinta  +
Changeling end5 February 2015  +
Changeling start1 May 2014  +
City Shards start1 May 2014  +
Event forCity Shards  +, Changeling  +, Mage  +, and Vampire  +
LocationSacramento  +
Mage end5 February 2015  +
Mage start1 May 2014  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Scene Editor  +
ParentUnder Control  +
Sacramento date1 May 2014  +
Sacramento end5 February 2015  +
Sacramento start1 May 2014  +
SceneSacramento  +
Story Told ByWest  +
Vampire end5 February 2015  +
Vampire start1 May 2014  +
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