To the Point

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To the Point
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Saber Fencing
Location Saber Fencing
Date Began May 1st, 2014
Date Ended May 6th, 2014
Storyteller(s) West
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Coco Tascioni, having been recently appointed a Claviger of Spring, went to Sacramento Saber Fencing LLC to practice and stay in form[1]. Upon entering the building, she encountered Nightfall, in a toggle coat and a mime disguise, trying to buy weapons. Nightfall, noticing that Coco was a changeling like himself, told her that she was in danger and that she should follow him out of the building. Worried by his statement, Coco followed the mime outside and demanded to know what was going on. Following an ethos of caution or paranoia, Nightfall gave Coco a baseball hat to wear and warned her about GPS phone tracking and facial recognition software from security cameras. Playing along, Coco introduced herself and Nightfall did likewise, though he told her to call him Neil.

Names out of the way, Neil explained that he'd been avoiding some organization that's been surveilling Changelings as well as other individuals, though the nature of those individuals remained unknown. Neil, knowing the location of one of this organization's photographers, mentioned that he was going to assassinate him and see if he could gather information from the corpse. Coco, assuming that this group worked for the Gentry, agreed to help him[2]. Dubious of Coco's ability to help, Neil asked if she was capable of handling herself. Coco scoffed and boasted about her prowess[3] and, for better or worse, Neil agreed that he could use her help gathering information from the scene after he committed his violent deed. Deciding that it was her responsibility to help gather information which could aid the protection of the Freehold, and thus the Spring Sovereign, Coco followed after Neil.

As rain began to fall on the city, the two changelings set off to do their dirty deeds in Appearing Act.

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