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Theater Society
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Allowed Social
Carthians p. 182
Preq's Status (Carthians) ●
Expression Skill ●●
Level(s) ● (2XP)
Venue Vampire
Possessed By
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Effect: No director likes a pale, dead-eyed Desdemona, particularly if she can’t make matinee performances. An undead actor going on with the show even after her Requiem begins isn’t impossible, but it’s challenging. Thus, many of them turn to other vampires. Some domains have complete societies of Kindred theaters performing Kindred-penned plays that touch on Kindred themes for exclusive Kindred audiences. There aren’t many, however. More commonly, performances and troupes are small. Those who want to perform in mortal plays can find few better allies than a Kindred theater society. Providing, of course, that they haven’t found bitter rivals there. When making rolls with the Expression Skill, characters who have this Merit may reroll 9s as well as 10s.

This is a Vampire House Rule 9-again only applies to Skill checks, not Discipline usage. This also requires a monthly Glimpse or Scene with other members to keep active, as per intended restriction on p.181.
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Character TypeVampire  +
Merit Dots1  +
Merit TypeSocial  +
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ParentCarthians  +
PermissionAllowed  +
PrerequisiteStatus  +, and Expression Skill  +
SourceCarthians  +
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