Savage Kenning

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Savage Kenning
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Allowed Power
Gangrel Savage and Macabre.jpg
Gangrel Savage and Macabre p. 113
Preq's Character Creation Only
Animalism ● or Animal Ken
Level(s) ●●● (12XP)
Venue Vampire
Possessed By
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Effect: Something in one species of animal resonates with the Gangrel: that wild spark in a hound’s eye, the mad curiosity in a cat’s swishing tail, the alien distance of a fat and hungry fly. The Savage gains +2 to all Animal Ken or Animalism rolls involving animals of that species. The character cannot possess several versions of this Merit applying to different species. It can only be purchased once and cannot change: whatever it is that forms the link between animal and Savage is something that is deep and primal, a connection based off the Savage’s innate nature. The Damned are simply not dynamic enough of creatures to dig that

deep and change something so utterly fundamental.
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