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Close Family
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Allowed Social
Daeva Kiss of the Succubus.jpg
Daeva Kiss of the Succubus p. 117
Level(s) ● (2XP)
●● (6XP)
●●● (12XP)
Venue Vampire
Possessed By
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To the Daeva, family means Blood. Family doesn’t always mean getting along or not screwing each other, but at the end of the night, it’ll be family that comes for your body. Your character’s family line is particularly widespread or in close contact in your local area. Doesn’t matter if they’re a mechanically distinct bloodline or a group of cousins who just keep in touch: when your back’s against the wall, you’ve got somebody to turn to — or at least somebody to be the wall.

Once per scene your character may apply a +3 bonus to a Manipulation + Persuasion or Manipulation + Empathy roll involving their family. The number of dots a character possesses in Close Family determines the distance at which this bonus applies:

● Immediate Family: Sire or broodmate.
●● Middle Distance: Grandsire or first cousin.
●●● Distant Kin: Second cousin, member of same bloodline.
Facts about Close FamilyRDF feed
Character TypeVampire  +
Merit Dots1  +, 2  +, and 3  +
Merit TypeSocial  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Merit Editor  +
ParentDaeva Kiss of the Succubus  +
PermissionAllowed  +
PoolManipulation  +, Persuasion Skill  +, and Empathy Skill  +
SourceDaeva Kiss of the Succubus  +
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