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Allowed Power
Lodges The Faithful.jpg
Lodges The Faithful p. 35
Preq's Lodge of Ashes
Harmony 8
Level(s) ●●●● (20XP)
Venue Werewolf
Possessed By
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The Unfettered know secret phrases in the First Tongue that free a spirit from bondage. A member of the lodge can utter these words and concentrate on a fetish to liberate the captive spirit therein. This cannot be done surreptitiously. Any werewolf in the area can sense the changes in the spiritscape caused by this phenomenon, and the phrase in the First Tongue causes the werewolf’s voice to rumble and growl like a hunting pack. The owner of the fetish feels the spirit within start to wriggle free, and can attempt to disrupt the process, beating the spirit into submission. This Merit cannot free spirits that wish to remain in their fetishes, or spirits for whom being liberated would violate a ban.

In order to free a spirit, the werewolf must be able to see the fetish. The player spends one point of Essence (this expenditure helps to get the spirit’s attention and provides some incentive for the spirit to fight its way out) and rolls Harmony in a contested roll against the fetish owner’s Resolve + Composure + Primal Urge.
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