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House Ruled Mental
Dogs of War.jpg
Dogs of War p. 38
Preq's Wits ●●●
Composure ●●●
Level(s) ● (2XP)
●●● (12XP)
Venue All
Possessed By
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A Trained Observer can spot the smallest anomaly. No detail escapes his notice. With the one-dot version, the TO ignores mundane penalties of up to -3 on Perception rolls. The three dot version gives Perception rolls the Rote Action quality.[1]

This is a site-wide House Rule The (●●●) version is removed from play on Edge of Darkness. The (●) version remains unchanged.
Facts about Trained ObserverRDF feed
Character TypeAll  +
Merit Dots1  +, and 3  +
Merit TypeMental  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Merit Editor  +
ParentDogs of War  +
PermissionAllowed  +, and House Ruled  +
PrerequisiteWits  +, and Composure  +
SourceDogs of War  +
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