Crucible Ritual

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Crucible Ritual
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House Ruled Sanctuary
Ordo Dracul Sourcebook.jpg
Ordo Dracul Sourcebook p. 202
Preq's Resolve ●●
Coils of the Dragon One or more tiers
Level(s) ●●● (12XP)
Venue Vampire
Possessed By
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Effect: A crucible, in the jargon of the Ordo Dracul, is a Wyrms Nest with a spiritual atmosphere that facilitates the personal awareness and philosophical growth necessary to learn new tiers of the Coils of the Dragon.

Not all Dragons are sensitive to the effects of a crucible, however. Fortunately, the covenant’s Masters of the Coils are able to train Kindred to appreciate the subtle effects that crucibles have on the blood and body of a vampire. Some Dragons describe the sensation of being affected by a crucible’s energy as “being washed” or “floating back and forth on a river.” Others say the they feel the influence of a crucible “in the curse.”

A character with this Merit is able to make use of the effects tied to a crucible. In most cases, a crucible reduces the cost of purchasing a new tier in a particular Coil of the Dragon by three experience points. Other crucible effects are possible at unique crucibles, as the Storyteller sees fit.

All crucibles require some action on the part of the character to “tune in” to the energy of the site. Often, this requires meditation, but some crucibles may require the character to participate in ritual combat, to walk a particular path through the Wyrm’s Nest, to sketch or paint the area or to slumber in its soil.

This is a Vampire House Rule The experience cost break is reduced to one instead of three.
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