Animal Magnetism

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Animal Magnetism
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Allowed Social
The Rage Forsaken Players Guide.jpg
The Rage Forsaken Players Guide p. 105
Level(s) ●●● (12XP)
Venue Werewolf
Possessed By
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Your character is a focal point for everyone in the room. Through a combination of pheromones and body language, she has an edge of danger that’s hard to resist. Her primal, powerful nature hides just under the surface, and when she wants to, she can let it out. Your character lowers the penalty from her Primal Urge by two when making a Presence or Manipulation roll to distract or seduce someone who would normally be attracted to her gender.

Drawback: Being the center of attention is not always a good thing. People who are attracted to you will keep flirting or trying to strike up conversations when you’re alone, and everyone who isn’t attracted to you will likely resent you. You suffer a –1 modifier to rolls made to deal with people who aren’t attracted to your gender.

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