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Banned Item
Immortals p. 83
Level(s) ●● (6XP)
●●● (12XP)
Venue Immortal
Possessed By
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Each purchase of this Merit allows for the maintenance of one amulet at a time. Any number can be created, but only one can be active for every version of this Merit that the character possesses. The Merit comes in two levels, corresponding to the bonus it gives to the wearer. At two dots, it provides a +1 bonus to any single Attribute chosen by the caster at the time of creation. At four dots, this bonus increases to +2. This bonus cannot raise the character’s Attribute above 5.

The character can sacrifice one point of the amulet’s bonus during the amulet’s creation to instill the amulet with one Body Thief Merit like Morality Sap or Emotional Urging. The character may only instill in an amulet Merits that she knows. If used in this fashion, the amulet is typically given to an unknowing target, who is the victim of this Merit for as long as he wears or touches the amulet. If the Merit has a variable effect, like Emotional Urging, the amulet can only enhance a single emotion, which must be determined when the amulet is created. The instilled Merit works normally, except that it affects the target for as long as he wears the amulet. If an amulet contains both a Body Thief Merit and an Attribute bonus, both of these affect the wearer.

The character can also sacrifice one point of the bonus to craft an amulet that allows a body thief using mystic exchange to remain in her current body even after the end of that ritual’s duration. Characters who use this amulet instantly switch back to their original body one turn after the amulet is removed. A character can only benefit from a single amulet for each Merit or Attribute.
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Character TypeImmortal  +
Merit Dots2  +, and 3  +
Merit TypeItem  +
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ParentImmortals  +
PermissionBanned  +
SourceImmortals  +
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