Acid Stomach

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Acid Stomach
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Allowed Physical
Strange Alchemies.jpg
Strange Alchemies p. 55
Level(s) ● (2XP)
Venue Promethean
Possessed By
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Effect: A Promethean’s “Superlative Constitution” already guarantees that she can eat nearly any kind of organic matter, from filet mignon to a car-crushed raccoon. With this Merit, the Promethean can eat most inorganic matter, too. Whether the “food” is a roll of quarters, a handful of sand or a broken bottle, if the Promethean can get it into his mouth and down his throat, then it counts as food.

Drawback: This Merit doesn’t give any bonuses to chewing. The object has to be small enough to fit in her mouth and for peristalsis to carry the item down her throat. The Storyteller may also deem that an object’s composition does damage to the mouth and throat. Glass shards or jagged metal, for instance, could hurt the Promethean. Still, this Merit grants some resistance to this punishment; any damage sustained from eating non-organic

material is limited to one point of bashing damage.
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