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Scourging Gifts
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Ivory Claws
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The Scourging list is considered an affinity Gift list for the Ivory Claws. It represents their relationship to the Purity Renown and the benediction of Silver Wolf. The core idea of purity is that un-alike things should not mix. Silver Wolf and his servants demand adherence to that principle. These Gifts are most commonly taught by eaglespirits.


Gift List

• Sense the Impure

Silver Wolf insists on the highest standards of pure blood for his subjects. This Gift allows the Ivory Claws to determine the purity of a subject’s blood — or a substance — merely by scent. If the target is a liquid, gas or a living creature, the werewolf must be within a few feet of the target of the Gift in order to activate it. If the target is a solid, the Uratha must touch it to activate this Gift.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The Ivory Claw believes the opposite of the truth — either that a target with pure blood or pure substance is impure, or the other way around.
  • Failure: The Ivory Claw does not learn anything about the target.
  • Success: The Ivory Claw learns whether the target is a werewolf; the Gift user can also discern whether the target has any Uratha ancestors within the past three generations or has the Wolf-Blooded Merit. If the target is inanimate, the Gift user gets an idea of the target’s level of Purity in general terms. The Gift does notpermit the Ivory Claw to detect pre-Change werewolves; however, it does give the user an idea of even wolf-blooded humans’ ancestry, as above.
  • Exceptional Success: Per success; additionally, if the target is a werewolf or has the Wolf-Blooded Merit, the Uratha can tell whether the target is a Pure werewolf or one of the Forsaken, and whether the target’s ancestors were Pure or Forsaken.

•• Relentless Focus

Purity begins in the soul. The Uratha using this Gift gains intense focus on whatever actions are most important to him, and only the greatest of temptations or distractions can gain his attention. This Gift can be used only once per day.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: Something is too distracting to ignore. The Uratha loses an additional point of Willpower.
  • Failure: The Uratha cannot gain the desired level of focus.
  • Success: For every two successes achieved on the roll, the Uratha regains a point of Willpower (up to his normal maximum).
  • Exceptional Success: Per success, and the Uratha also gets one bonus die to all Resolve, Composure or Stamina rolls for the remainder of the scene.

••• Purify

This Gift separates different substances out from a small, mostly pure mixture. The mixture cannot be living or recently dead material, but can be solid, liquid or gas. The Gift can affect no more than one liter of liquid or solid, or a small room’s worth of gas. This Gift can ensure that there is no poison in a drink, change 14kt gold into 24kt gold or drive dangerous gases from a room. Purify does not split a mixture into all of its components separately. Instead, whatever substance comprises the majority of a mixture is left alone, and anything that isn’t that substance is extracted in a single, visible mass.

Although the Gift is magical in nature, Purify obeys the laws of chemistry: Purify will not break a molecular compound apart, but only perform a physical change. For example, Purify cannot break alcohol down into carbon, hydrogen and oxygen — but the Gift could pull water and other substances out of an alcoholic drink, leaving behind 100% pure alcohol.

At the character’s discretion, the impurities in the substance may be pushed a few inches away from the newly pure substance — enough to leave a clean, full container of the pure material and a puddle of other material outside of that container. Purify renders poisoned or contaminated food or drink safe to eat. Purified explosives probably won’t work. Purified gems shatter; purified precious metals become more valuable per ounce. This Gift can be used on fetishes — however, the fetish gains a resistance roll equal to its spirit’s Resistance Trait.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The character cannot purify the substance with this Gift until 24 hours have passed.
  • Failure:The Gift fails to work
  • Success:The substance is purified, as described above.
  • Exceptional Success:The substance is purified, as described, and the character does not lose the Essence you would ordinarily spend to activate this Gift.

•••• Expel

This Gift pushes all parasitic or symbiotic life forms out of a living creature (including animals, humans and Uratha). Expel cleans infected wounds perfectly, heals bacterial disease completely and expels any parasites. Microorganisms are destroyed invisibly; any visible parasite is killed and forcibly expelled through the nearest suitable opening.

Unfortunately, this Gift does not discriminate between beneficial symbiote and parasite. Most creatures’ digestive tracts contain extensive quantities of microorganisms to help them digest food. Expel eliminates those as well. This can lead to a few days of intestinal distress for the subject of the Gift, until he has eaten enough local food to re-establish the balance of his digestive systems This distress causes a one-die penalty on Composure rolls for the next three days.

Expel does not work on magical diseases, viruses or prion-based diseases. It cannot expel a spirit from a host body, though the Gift can force out a supernatural parasite with a material form.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure:The infection is worse than previously thought; Expel will not work on it, and the target’s Stamina + Resistance roll requires five more successes than previously thought.
  • Failure:No successes are gained for this turn. If the character fails three successive rolls, the character cannot use Expel again on this target until the next day.
  • Success:Successes are accumulated. If enough successes are gained, the infection, disease or parasite is eliminated. This Gift does not heal damage already done by that influence.
  • Exceptional Success:A greater number of successes are accumulated. If five extra successes over the target are achieved on that final roll, the target’s immune system is supercharged for the next three days, providing an additional two dice to any Stamina + Resistance rolls to avoid disease.

••••• Cast Out

Purity of spirit is as important to Silver Wolf as purity of body. Cast Out drives a possessing spirit from its subject. While many Uratha know the rite Banish Spirit, Cast Out works much more quickly. However, Cast Out is also incredibly painful — for the Uratha who uses it, the spirit the Uratha targets with the Gift and the person possessed by the spirit. The use of Cast Out is a sure way for an Ivory Claw to make a long-term enemy out of the spirit she targets.

To use Cast Out, the Uratha must cut her hand and place (smear, flick or fling) her blood on the possessed person or thing. The wound causes great pain and heals slowly (it is an aggravated wound). After being expelled, the spirit suffers a one-die penalty from pain.

Cast Out works on possessed animals or things as well as humans.

  • Cost: 1 Essence + 1 point of aggravated damage
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult Skill + Glory versus the spirit’s Resistance
  • Action: Contestedwarning.png"Contested" is not in the list of possible values (Extended, Instant, Reflexive) for this property.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure:The spirit is not driven from its host and takes no damage. The host body suffers one point of aggravated damage.
  • Failure:The spirit is not driven from its host and takes no damage.
  • Success:The spirit is driven from its host and takes one point of Corpus damage; the spirit suffers a one-die penalty due to pain for a day and a night afterwards.
  • Exceptional Success:Per success, but the wound that the Uratha suffers is only a lethal wound point rather than aggravated.
Facts about Scourging GiftsRDF feed
ActionInstant  +, Extended  +, and warning.png"Contested" is not in the list of possible values (Extended, Instant, Reflexive) for this property.
CostNone  +, Willpower  +, and Essence  +
PoolWits  +, Animal Ken Skill  +, Wisdom  +, Resolve  +, Empathy Skill  +, Honor  +, Intelligence  +, Science Skill  +, Purity  +, Medicine Skill  +, Cunning  +, Occult Skill  +, and Glory  +
SourceThe Pure  +
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