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In-Character Titles
Freehold Fairest Spring

The Changeling


Enzo di Veyron looks like the average male stripper, tall, tan, and with a body so hot you could cook your breakfast, he is drop dead gorgeous and has one green eye and one blue. He is known for standing with his pelvis thrust forward, out of habit and he always has a smile on his face.


Slightly thinner, and slightly taller, his Dancer kith comes to the fore by showing a naturally graceful body that just screams to be looked at no matter whether clothed or not. His fingers appear to be longer than they should be, and multi-jointed, and his ears come to slight back-curving points, the outside edge looking slightly serrated.

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Eventually, Enzo became a threat to the entire Freehold.

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Character NameEnzo  +
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Character TypeChangeling  +
CourtSpring  +
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KithDancer  +
Kith PrimaryDancer  +
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Sacramento date16 February 2012  +
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