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Chain Mail
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Chain Mail
World of Darkness Sourcebook.jpg
World of Darkness Sourcebook p.170
Resources ●●
Modifier Strength, Defense, Speed
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In the Middle Ages, medicine was woefully inadequate. An open wound was vulnerable to a number of fatal infections. Knights on the battlefield could stand bruises, but cuttings would eventually grow deadly. Chain mail helped to keep a knight safe: he’d still take a number of lumps and bumps and even broken bones, but at least he would be free from fatal infections. Chain mail is a fabric of interlocking metal rings draped over the torso like a shirt. Chain mail doesn’t offer as much protection as plate armor, but is also far less cumbersome.

These days, chain mail can be purchased through various vanity outlets as accouterments to fantasy garb or sexual roleplaying. These mail suits or shirts are made from aluminum instead of steel. They are lighter because of this (and feature –1 Defense and –1 Speed instead of those stats listed above), but also suffer less Durability. The vanity mail looks good and costs the same but offers less practical function.

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