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Ballistic shield
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Sometimes called a “body bunker,” the ballistic shield can be a cop’s best friend. When a riot or other situation rages out of control, this fortified personal shield might well save an officer’s life. Made of ballistic polycarbonate and steel, this shield protects against all manner of attacks, even those from firearms. This shield is generally about four feet high and two feet wide, covering the majority of the user. Most ballistic shields have small, clear windows toward the top of the shield (also bulletproof) so the wielders have a view of the combat without exposing their faces. If used in close combat, the shield works normally, adding +2 to the user’s Defense. The shield also works in long-range combat situations. A character using the ballistic shield counts as being substantially concealed, and, therefore, all firearm-related attacks made against him suffer a –3 penalty. Bullets that strike the shield do not penetrate, unless they’re armor-piercing rounds. Attackers using armor-piercing rounds can ignore the –3 penalty, as the bullets cut clean through the shield’s protection. Note that if the user fires his own weapon from his concealment, he does so at a –2 penalty (per the rules on pp. 163–164, in the World of Darkness Rulebook).

Ballistic Shield

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