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Alexis Kane
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Created By Cayce


Alexis Kane
Ashwood Abbey


This twenty-something year old brunette stands at 5'7" and has a trim, lithe figure. Her eyes sparkle with mischief and her lips seem to be perpetually quirked in some manner of a smile. Her clothing and hairstyles seem to shift erratically based off of her mood and range from cocktail dresses to biking leathers and everything in between. A small satchel-like purse always trails after her, although, like the hair, the color and style always match the outfit.


Born into an extremely wealthy Chicago family she grew up being hyper-privileged and materialistic. Knowing she would never have to work she attended Art school for 3 years before making a substantial sum of money from her parents and then dropping out. Alexis loves to live among life's pleasures and indulges in them at the drop of a hat. If you name a drug or drink, she's tried it. Name the hottest club and she'll have reserved tickets. Oh what, there's a Concert? Just pick your row. It's cleat that she has little structure in her life but she does exercises at least four days a week with a combination of cardio-training, dance, and sparring. She loves to go shooting (legally at ranges, and not so legally) and practices with a variety of guns. Her greatest passion (aside from indulging in everything) is driving, particularly at high speeds. She owns a black 1969 Camaro, a silver Kawasaki Ninja (motorcycle), and an Indian Chief Cruiser with blue flames on the gas tank; she gets use out of all of them. But don't let all that fool you, though. If anyone decides to strike up a conversation with her, on any topic, she'll gladly gab away, often for longer than necessary.

Ashwood Abbey

Alexis is also an active member of the Ashwood Abbey, previously belonging to the Las Vegas chapter before moving, for various reasons, and joining the Sacramento chapter. She's not as gung-ho as some other members when it comes to "experimenting" with what they hunt because, for her, the Hunt is what it's all about.

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