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Four Seasons Hotel
Location Four Seasons Hotel
Alice White
Katrin Byeli
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Date Began 2011/07/11
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A closed door meeting of the Current Sovereigns Called after the Summer Coronation of 2011[1]


  • Katrin Byeli arrives and asks for an explanation from the sovereigns as to what happened after she left.
"I have had the situation explained to me. However it might help to hear the facts from the three of you." - Katrin Byeli
"The Freehold reacted about as well as you'd expect to Rust's announcement," Rick still didn't have a clue as to what convinced Rust it'd be a good idea to try that. "Rust stepped down amidst the resultant storm of protest. Then the crown spoke, prompting Rust to blame it for half the troubles we've faced in the past year including his own insanity. And he insisted on destroying it. He appealed to the Summers, seemed to try to seize control of the court again, and they told him to leave. He did, and the crown declared that no one could wear it until Autumn came. Which brings us here." - Rick Pereg
"I have assumed the position of Summer Sovereign. My predecessor is still among court of summer but no longer holds position of power within it." - Spartan
"The crown isn't the problem, it has spoken to me in the past and issued me warnings that someone present with me at the time was tempted to take it from me, so like Rick says Rust is just blaming others for his own folly. Furthermore, given rust's present condition I don't know that we can trust him not to do something foolish perhaps regarding the crown. I hope that he doesn't see the freehold as an enemy after this, he should be approached by someone and spoken to or watched." - Alice White
"I understand your concern Queen White and I must be honest in saying that I feel it odd that we allow ourselves to be controlled by such a object. We leave our fates to the crown. I much rather leave my fate to my spear, my sword, and my fellow members of the hold." - Spartan
  • Katrin Byeli seems to have issue with the idea that the crown is controlling people.[4]
"Controlled? Who has the crown been controlling?" - Katrin Byeli
  • Rick explains the issue with the crown and passing the crown to another Summer Sovereign.[5][6]
"It claims that since the Crown was originally given to Rust a new Summer Sovereign can't claim it. Though I'm interested in determining whether or not that's truly the case since I don't recall that being part of the Founding Pledge's framework when I analyzed it last winter." - Rick Pereg
  • Spartan does not hide his feelings toward being controlled by such an object. [7]
"In my limited experience it seems that the crown makes decisions that should be left up to the Sovereigns. It forbids the most powerful of us to do things that is our rite as sovereigns. Why do we let such an object make our decisions for us. We left the Fae for a reason, to control our own destinies, to be free of slavery. And this object prevents us from making our own decisions. We have four sovereigns. We have checks and balances, we do not need Zeus' cockring saying what we are and are not allowed to do. That is our responsibility and the responsibility of the people we govern. And that is another thing I wished to bring up." - Spartan
"Although I can see two possible ways to change that situation so that it recognizes Spartan. Both are not possibilities, Spartan will have to remain Ascendant Sovereign in title and wait until next year to wear the crown. I would like to point out that Alice and I have never had the crown control us or make decisions for us. Alice herself said it gave her advice. I do not think that is the same as controlling or restricting. It was up to Alice if she took that advice. I understand your frustration Spartan. But just remember we use the Gentry's own systems to protect the freehold. There are going to be limits. Not unless you are suggesting we do away with the crown, the freehold and the protection it offers." - Katrin Byeli
"Summer Summer is one way to look at it, if you measure the passing of Seasons by the passing of the Crown. And if it was strictly basing it off that it wouldn't be that much of an issue, as we could always keep an Ascendant Sovereign on the throne. But things seem to be measured by both the passing of the crown and the current season in the world, which is a problem." - Rick Pereg
"I agree with my esteemed brother of the Autumn Court. We, the people, should make such decisions. Not the crown. And we should not allow ourselves to become weakened if a soverign falls or is found unworthy." - Spartan
  • After Gianna's arrival she quickly makes her opinion of the Crown known to the sovereigns.[9]
"Nothing but a trinket. Kings and queens come from the people, from in here and from one's command of their Court, Season, Solstice or Direction. But from an outsider looking in, I believe that if Rust Mane has stepped down, then the post is vacant. King Spartan has been chosen by the people of his Court, his people." - Gianna
"The Previous Sovereign was found lacking. I have been named Summer Sovereign by my people. If he had been found lacking ten minutes earlier this conversation would be unnecessary. Looking outside I see the Season of Summer, I feel its heat, the same heat that is within my people. This is my Season, the Season of the Iron Spear. A Summer must take the throne." - Spartan
  • With or without the crown, it is decided that Spartan will take the throne and the meeting comes to a close.[10]

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