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Invictus 1001
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Lily, The
Location Lily, The
Arnold Culler
Ith Lazarus
Konstantin Malevich
Regina Pia
Victoria Stamford
Date Began 2010/01/08
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A meeting of the Invictus held at The Lily and hosted by the good Judex Twist[1] This is the First Official Meeting of the First Estate after the departure of Asa Clarke and Ishani Naetesh to the Ordo Dracul.

  • After John McRoy arrives late to the meeting, and his actions at the Artist's Court, Judex Twist states that he is no longer welcome among the First Estate unless someone will step forward to Sponsor him.
"I was mistaken. It will not be court that we will address first. Mr. McRoy- you have not only embarrassed the Invictus with your show at the last Court gathering, you have made no amends to the covenant. Either through a personal apology to me, or through showing the city that you know how to act properly. In addition you have now shown up late to the meeting, your first I will add. This covenant has no time for those such as you. Mr. McRoy- you are no longer welcome among the Invictus of Sacramento. Should you wish to be considered one of us again, you must find a sponsor of Sacramento and be re-inducted." - Twist
  • Moving on to actual business the Invictus begin discussing the next court, to which they are to host. Twist's theme is celestial.
  • Three things have left to be assigned, Music, Refreshments and a Herald to do introductions.
  • Twist also points out the dress code for the evening.
"I didn't want to be absurd with the costuming. I was imagining black formal wear with silver or white accents. With the extensive display of theme I have planned it will be obvious that we are in 'costume' for the Court, but that with ease we could walk into the Kine world and go unnoticed. Again- a show of our strength that we fit easily into both the Kindred world and that of the Kine. I will ask that no one wear the colors of yellow and gold. These will be reserved for the Prince. I will inform him of this option he holds." - Twist
  • With the details of the court determined, Arnold Culler, newly made Regent of South Sacramento, grants feeding and tenancy to the members of the First Estate.
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