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Hunter The Vigil Sourcebook.jpg
Hunter The Vigil Sourcebook p.237
Resources ●●
Modifier Academics Skill, Computer Skill, Occult Skill
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Equipment modifier possibilities: Academics Skill, Computer Skill, Occult Skill.

Portable Computers (Laptop)

The laptop/desktop divide is less important in the modern age than that between portable computers and non-portables. Smaller laptops and UMPCs (Ultra-Mobile PCs) allow a hunter to work wherever she can rest her computer; their small frame and power requirements mean they don’t have the same capabilities as larger machines. A portable computer adds its rating to most Computer Skill rolls and, with a wireless Internet connection, allows a character to make Academics Skill or Occult Skill research rolls with no penalty.

While they’re portable, these computers can’t get an Internet connection just anywhere — if a risen corpse doesn’t have a wireless Internet connection in its cave, a laptop’s useless for research. A local coffee shop, or the street outside an apartment block, is still likely closer than a hunter’s base. With a data card or a connected cell phone, she can get online anywhere that has signal in the air.

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers, and desktop-replacement laptops, are what most people think of as normal computers. The only restriction is cost — and for software, any hacker worth his salt can fi nd less-than-legal copies. With an always-on Internet connection, a hunter’s desktop becomes a place where he can store and access information that he may need on his hunt, giving him access to useful research wherever he is. He can also host community web sites without any external agents getting involved — especially useful for sharing plans about killing people with silver bullets or kidnapping a cult leader.

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