Cahalith Howls 1205

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Cahalith Howls 1205
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Cahalith Howls 25 May 2012

Once a month, a powerful, intense howl echoes across the Hisil from the Tur. Even the loudest of spirits seem to fall silent as the noise echoes across the distance. It holds power and passion, and a thousand stories.

This the howl that rang out in May, 2012.

A God, Slain

The Gardener has fallen! Combined efforts from the Shadow Seekers, and fragments of the Crusaders and the Sworn, enabled the Uratha of Sacramento to ally with the Anshega. Thanks to this alliance, the Idigam's ban was manipulated against it, finally allowing us to attack it on its own turf. Though the road was hard, we fought against the Abomination as one family, as it was before the fall of Father Wolf.

Though the Pure barred our way, they could not raise a hand to us without fulfilling the desires of the God that was Slain, and so we passed, free, from the riverbed and back to our rightful place here. This day will never be forgotten. This day, the Forsaken of Sacramento slew a God!


In Tahoe Park, several Uratha came across a strange mist that seemed to be sweeping across the grass. Knowing it to be unnatural, they investigated further, only to come across a group of Spirit-Claimed. These eyeless, faceless monstrosities hunted them by sound, and some of those present broke with fear and fled. Those who held themselves bravely hunted down the group, realising they were better prepared then their attackers. Fighting in silence, they proved their Cunning and slew the group.

Dale, Firebringer, Faithkeeper and Alejandra finally tracked the Claimed back to their source. The Hisil was badly disrupted at a Locus that seemed to imply violence. Only a strange radio, screeching with discordant noise, and a business card with a clenched fist was found. Whoever caused this is still at large.

Snake Eyes

A new Casino has opened in town. Snake Eyes seems like a classy joint, but their advertising rep seems pretty bad. The Manager's a nice sort though... and Sin and Michael have won some money, but there's a man out there thinking things might not be quite all above board.>>

The Sworn Recruiting

The Sworn have reformed around new Alpha, Jeremiah. Nieves and Kevin seem to have settled in, but there are still one or two fringe members. Perhaps a good card game will settle them all in, though tensions seem to be emerging from one or two angles. Still, Nieves appears to have learnt to keep her temper long enough not to smash up a potential packmates' things.

The Sworn's Hunt

The Sworn set out to Hunt for a spirit, to bond them better as a pack, and to perhaps seek out a totem. After Kevin surprised the razor-blade spirit, Storm-of-Pain, and a brief, brutal fight, the pack win for themselves a Locus guardian, although even the Alpha is wary of the potential cost that might come. Despite this, they have at least, achieved a goal.

As they head out into a strange, unearthly mist in the Hisil, the Sworn come across a Magath, and hunt it down, slaughtering it. As the Alpha brings it down with mighty blows, the ferocity with which he attacks shatters his will. The Rage claims him. Now, he is hunting his own pack across the Shadow. Only Luna knows if they will survive or not, and she laughs, because she will not tell.

The Crusaders recruiting

Granted a vision by Luna, the Cahalith Digger set out from Sacramento as the Ascendant Crescent Brotherhood crumbled in his wake. Returning, Digger set about recruiting, hearing the drums of war pounding in his head. With a new, solid pack by his side, made up of mostly newcomers to Sacramento, but also a friend he discovered on his journey, and an old brother from the ACB, Digger's pack are slowly taking shape.

Although some of them faced resistance and challenge from their Totem, Blackens-the-Sky, all the full members have been accepted. With two members prospecting, they too must soon face the cold, beady eyes of the Murder of Crows.

One of the prospects, Skaald, seems to have shared the same dream path as Digger. However, during his Prospect, he fell to Kuruth. Showing their solidarity as a pack, the Crusaders prove themselves equal to the challenge, restraining the Uratha as John Holt talks him down.

Crusading for a Locus

Seeing that they have formed a bond, the Crusaders set out to seek a locus. Settling on a Cemetery as the obvious choice, they find what they seek in a great Mausoleum. Showing drive and Cunning, the Crusaders slip within, to find the focus of the locus itself, a wilting vase of flowers.

But the locus is guarded by a Jaggling, Honours-the-Venerable-Dead. Whether he will relinquish his hold... and what he might demand in exchange... are yet unknown.

Seeking Brands

Given Firebringer's long and impressive pedigree in Sacramento, culminating in his slaying of a God, it is not surprising that the Cahalunim have acknowledged him as the pinnacle of Glory. Alongside him, another fighter in the glorious battle against the Gardner, Stefan, is challenged by another member of the Choir, and accepted for his branding also. The Shadow Seekers now stand as the longest standing pack in Sacramento, so it is no surprise that their names resound throughout the Hisil.

Seeking Glory

On a routine patrol of their territory, the Shadow Seekers are alerted to the presence of a disturbance nearby by their Locus Guardian. Investigating, they find rather a larger disturbance than they had expected- a wrath-filled vengeance Spirit that seems to have sprung from a forest. Terribly wounded, Remembers-Bloody-Vengeance promises them a reward if they can restore it to the place it came from. After some consideration, the Seekers agree, and make preparations with Golden Bear to set out to Lake Berryessa.

Wishing to avoid attracting attention to their identities, and deep within Pure territory, the Seekers steal a car and drive it out towards the lake. In the car, they have time to plan ahead, and consider what they will do when they arrive..

Drinking Contest

After the Alpha of the Crusaders, accompanied by Dale, run into two members of the Seekers in a club in neutral territory, tempers and territory could have been frayed. But the character and Honour of the four Uratha is swiftly shown, as they instead end up settling their natural instincts with a drinking contest. May the best Wolf win.

The howl peters out, lingering on the spirit-winds for some time afterwards. The Hisil hears. And it remembers.

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